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Tips For First Time Grillers

Updated on March 21, 2014
BBQ Pulled Pork Is Oh So Delicious
BBQ Pulled Pork Is Oh So Delicious

More Grilling Tips

You will need the below list of items to make sure your grill stays clean and ready to cook with. I clean my grill completely clean every time I use it. If you'll keep your grill grates clean you'll find that your food will taste better.

1. A long handled grill brush with stiff wire bristles.

2. Steel Wool Pads , get the ones that already contain soap.

3. Dish Soap.

4. A Good Supply Of Cotton Rags.

5. Spray Cooking Oil.

6. Aluminum Foil.

7. Water Spray Bottle.

Never let burned foods build up on your grill. Always brush your grills grates down well after each use. If you let the burned food particles build up over time you will never get your grill clean again. Cleaning and maintenance of your Grill will be your biggest problem but if you stay behind it you can keep your grill clean.

Keeping a clean grill is really important. You'll want to clean your grill after each time you use it and at the same time get it ready for the next time you use it. If your grill is outdoors purchase a tarp to keep it covered when your not using it.

I always use a good quality to spray my grills grates and racks down after I've cleaned the grill. Then when your ready to use your grill you can just light up the charcoal or gas and in a short time you'll be ready to grill.

Grilled Fish Is Delicious

You can check at your local hardware or grill supply store for a wire fish basket to use to grill fish on your grill and keep the fish in one piece.

Grilled Corn Is So Delicious

I take corn on the cob and I pull the shucks down and remove all the corn silk. I then rub my corn down with butter, salt, and black pepper. Then you pull the shucks back up over the corn and tie the end with kitchen twine to keep the butter, salt, and black pepper.

Grilled Potatoes Are Really Delicious Also

I take large baking size potatoes and slice them into thin slices all the way down the potatoes.You want them as thin as you can get them with out making them to thin. You want the potatoes to stay together while your cooking them on the grill. Put your potato slices in a large bowl and toss in a one fourth cup of olive oil, several sprigs of rosemary broken up as small as possible. Add salt and pepper to taste. Grill the potatoes until the potatoes are soft and done. If you need to put your grilled potatoes in a baking pan and keep them warm in a 200 degree oven until done.

Problems Grilling Vegetables On The Grill

Are you having problems grilling vegetables on the grill. If so try to grill your vegetables first on a grill that you have just cleaned and sprayed down with vegatable cooking spray. After you grill your vegetables keep them warm in a 200 degree hot oven. Be sure to brush your grill down so its clean before you cook anything else.

Tips For First Time Grillers

It doesn't matter if you call it grilling or barbecuing it's a true American tradition. Especially in the deep south where it originated. Today more and more Americans are finding themselves with a grill for the first time and they wonder what am I supposed to do with the new grill I just bought. And if you have a good culinary experience with your grill its going to lead to you wanting to use your grill more and more.

But Keep In Mind You Need To Plan Ahead

Did you know that barbecuing has been around ever since that first caveman figured out that meat tasted better after being cooked on that open fire. I bet your memories of that family barbecue includes what was on the menu that day. There are all kinds of things you can cook on the grill like barbecue ribs , hamburgers , cheeseburgers , and many many other items that will taste wonderful cooked on the grill.

Here are some great barbecue tips for you to remember.

1. You want to use the best quality meat that you can afford. If you need to you can soak cheaper cuts of beef in liquid Italian Dressing for four hours before you grill them. Chuck steak is delicious made this way.

2. You only want to cook fresh meat on the grill. If your meat has been frozen it will be dry when you grill it. Shop at the better butcher shops to be sure you are sold only fresh meat.

3. You want to cook slow. This is why people who know will always start their charcoal grill early so that the grill will be just right for cooking when your ready to grill.

4. You don't want fires to get started on your grill and char your meat. Keep a spray bottle of water handy to put out grill fires. This is also why its important to heat up your grill early so it will be at a good cooking temperature when your ready to cook.

5. You will want to purchase and use a good meat thermometer so you can cook your meat to the suggested temperature. Be sure to buy a good heavy duty meat thermometer as you will be using it almost every time you grill.

6. Purchase a good heavy duty set of long handled grill tools that will last for a long time. And remember to always wash and sanitize your grill tools when you are through with them.

7. Learn to cook your favorite barbecue dishes the same way every time. Keep a notebook and make notes. In time you will be able to cook the perfect barbecue every time.

8. Sea Salt is much better on your meats than regular old table salt. Give it a try to you'll see a big difference. Purchase course ground sea salt if it is available in your area.

9. Spray your grill grates with vegetable cooking spray before you grill anything on your grill. This is one of the reasons that its so important to keep your grill really clean.

10. Remember that Italian Dressing works great for chicken that your going to be grilling. I like to use skinned, boneless chicken thighs and soak them in Italian Dressing for four hours before I before I grill them. If you'll do it this way you'll have perfectly grilled chicken each and every time you cook it.

Barbecue Ribs are one of my all time favorite things to cook on the grill.
Barbecue Ribs are one of my all time favorite things to cook on the grill.

Planning Ahead Is Oh So Very Important


The weather can be a major factor when your grilling outdoors on your grill. If you know your going to be grilling outdoors on your grill check the weather forecast three to five days ahead to see what the weather is supposed to be like when you plan to be grilling outdoors.

Before you purchase a grill you need to decide if you want a charcoal grill or a gas grill. Both have their advantages. And you'll find people who just simply love charcoal while other people swear by their gas grill. With the charcoal grill you will need charcoal , charcoal lighter , wood chips and etc. While with the gas grill all you will have to do is turn on the gas valve and light the fire.

But with either type of grill you will want to clean your grill after each use. You will need a good heavy duty grill brush to clean your grill after you use it each time. The brush needs to have a long handle and it needs to have stiff bristles to clean away anything left on your grill after you use it.

If you plan on doing a lot of grilling of fish you may want to invest in a wire fish basket made for the grill so you can cook your fish on the grill and you won't have to worry about it tearing up.


Keep in mind that there are a lot of vegetables that taste wonderful cooked on the grill. These include corn on the cob , sliced squash , bell pepper , eggplant , mushrooms and many other vegetables. Try soaking your vegetables in Italian Dressing and season lightly with salt and pepper. I have even grilled thin slices of sweet potatoes on the grill and seasoned them with butter and sugar after I removed them from the grill.


Steak Grilling

Again its very important to purchase as good a quality of steaks as you can afford to purchase. And if at all possible you want meat that has not been frozen. However there is a real good trick you can try when steak grilling. You can if you wish purchase sirloin steaks which are cheaper than rib eyes or fillets and soak your sirloin steaks in Italian Dressing overnight before you grill them. Just be sure you wash them well under cold running water before you season your steak as you normally would and then grill it.

Try This Ideal For Grilled Chuck Steaks

You can purchase chuck steaks which are cheaper than other cuts of beef and when you want to cook them put the steaks in a plastic container that has a lid and pour Italian Dressing in over the steaks. Set in the refrigerator for four hours or for overnight if you wish.

If you have questions or comments about grilling feel free to post them below now. And thanks for taking the time to read my hub page.

(C) August 2010 by Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost for Hub Pages.
(C) August 2010 by Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost for Hub Pages.

Post your comments about Grilling now. Also if you have questions to ask feel free to ask.

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    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 

      8 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Oh,yeah! Thus my namesakes...LillyGrillzit!

    • Paradise7 profile image


      8 years ago from Upstate New York

      Excellent tips!! And you are so, so right--meat that has been frozen dries right out on the grill. The only exception to that is hot dogs.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Yes be sure to let him know and thanks for your great comment.

    • Phyllis Doyle profile image

      Phyllis Doyle Burns 

      8 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

      You have some awesome tips here for grilling the best way! I do not grill or bbq myself, but my brother does. I often go over there for a great grilled meal. I will send him the link to your hub -- I know he will love it. Thank you!


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