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Tips On How To Eat Lobster

Updated on June 15, 2011

Getting to the meat

Ever have a craving for shellfish or seafood but just didn't want to have to deal with the exoskeleton or shell to get to the succulent meat! I know that is a complaint of many people and my own from time to time. "I want the meat but it's too much work for the little that you get out of it."

I have regretted on occasion of not just doing the work and enjoying the meal. But it has taught me a lot! If you have a craving for something it is hard for a substitute to satisfy your taste.

I am giving some tips on how to get to the meat in a whole lobster so we get most of the meat and enjoy the experience. Eating shellfish or seafood like lobster, crab and craw fish or crayfish can be laborious but these simple techniques will turn it into fun!

Cracking the shell. It is easier to crack freshly cooked shellfish, especially if it was alive then quickly steamed or boiled.

What you will need:

nut cracker or seafood cracker

wooden mallet

seafood fork and picks, like an Escargo fork, it's a slim small fork

solid wooden surface, table or cutting board

large knife

plastic bib or apron

whole lobster or crab

What to do:

1.Put on your bib or apron

2. Place the lobster on the cutting board or table

3. Grab the mallet and pound the tail shell, body and claws OR using the large knife and the mallet cut through the center of the lobster so you have two halves. Place the large knife in the center of the lobster, then tap with the mallet.

4. Once you have the two halves you can just pull the meat out. OR you can separate the tail from the body by pulling it loose then cutting both pieces in half.

5. Pull the legs and claws loose from the body, these can be further cracked with the nut cracker, claw cracker or mallet.

6. Pull all pieces apart at the joints or where they are attached to the body.

7. Go ahead and enjoy by cracking the shell where ever to break apart and get at the meat.

Ways to eat:

A. Once the shell is cracked, break at these points to get at meat.

B. With the small pieces like the legs, break, place in the mouth and suck the juices and the meat.

C. Or you can use the small fork or pick and push or scrape the meat out.

Lobster stages

Whole lobster shell
Whole lobster shell | Source
Lobster meat
Lobster meat | Source
Basic Lobster salad
Basic Lobster salad | Source


You can eat shellfish or lobster any way you would like, plain with a little of butter, with sauces, pastas and rice or in salads.

Lobster Alfredo is one of my favorites, because of all of the cheese and the butter. Lobster seems to be a better seafood - to me, when you are doing a seafood Alfredo. The quick and easy version is to buy your favorite jarred sauce, boil your favorite pasta noodles. Heat everything up, toss the lobster in the sauce then serve and enjoy!

The most healthiest way is just to boil or steam it and eat it as it is! But you can enjoy it in a mayo based salad or like a ceviche with lots of herbs and tomatoes.

Basic salad, you need (1/2)half a onion, one stalk of celery, (1/4) one fourth green pepper, (1/2) half a cup of mayo ( or more depending on taste), and lobster meat. All of these need to be chopped up small, the herbs can be chopped smaller, maybe minced. Toss in a bowl with the mayo, salt and pepper (cayenne) to taste.

Just remember that lobster has a very distinct taste especially if it is freshly cooked.

Bring large pot to rolling boil, add salt (garlic salt is also good), reduce ( less bubbles), drop in the live lobster head first. Boil until it turns red or pink about 6 to 8 minutes depending on size. Remove with tongs, let cool and break shell to enjoy the meat.

How to


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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 6 years ago

      Hello - lee custodio and x karma, thanks!!! i always live to help especially when i learned something myself. Enjoy!

    • x karma profile image

      x karma 6 years ago from United States

      I've never eaten lobster before, mainly because I had no idea how to! Thanks! Voted up + useful :)

    • lee custodio profile image

      lee custodio 6 years ago

      very detailed. :)