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Tips for Efficient Cooking.

Updated on June 7, 2012
Happy mornings, happy cooking:)
Happy mornings, happy cooking:)

Tips for your cooking workout

After relaxing great Sunday now it’s Monday again in week’s kitty. Getting up in morning and the first sip of Tea/Coffee makes me feel so fresh before the business of the day begins. I am not addicted to tea/coffee it just I’m more addicted to the routine of crafting an ideal cup of joy.

Why am I sharing this to you must be wondering, Right? Well, everyone has busy routines throughout the day and the more work carries by home minister of family and she is none other than wonderful woman, who is daughter, wife, mother and daughter in law. Spending maximum time in kitchen and serving the delicacies to lovely family is something that she enjoys most. Doesn’t matter if she is working or home maker. I want to share with you my streamline for morning kitchen workout. Especially if you are a mother, these things I’m sure will be must in your kitchen.

Tip 1- Some recipes require almond powder and soya bean powder and soya bean powder. Make the powders in advance and store each separately in air tight container. So it is handy, when you need it. Grind soya nuggets to make them into powder. Add soya powder and almond powder to your wheat chapatti dough.

Tip 2- Rather than buying readymade almond powder milk mix. You can prepare almond powder and store it and whenever require add almond powder to a glass of milk, kheer or payasam for a great nutrition value.

Tip 3- If your child refuses to eat vegetables, remember that fruit is the ideal substitute. Fruit also supplies the same nutrients as vegetables, especially vitamins A and C, fibre and essential minerals such as potassium. Fruit salad or adding fruits in a bowl of cornflakes will surely tempt your little one.

Tip 4- Prepare roast Dalia in a large quantity and keep in an airtight container. Use as require, handy for your morning breakfast or evening snacks. Also, you can boil roasted Dalia and keep in a refrigerator. It will stay well for 2-3 days. It will minimise your work as cooking is half done. If you are making sweet Dalia, you just need to add sugar and milk and boil again for 5min.

Tip 5- Got bored of same chapattis, Add some great colour and taste. Puree any cooked dry vegetable, grind it and make a paste. Example beetroot, spinach etc. Knead it with wheat flour to make dough for healthy chapattis.

Tip 6- You can also prepare spinach paste refrigerate in a covered container, it will stay well for a week. To make spinach paste, wash and blanch spinach leaves, then puree in a mixer. It saves lot of time and uses it as require for your quick meal.

Tip 7- A few drops of lemon juice added to simmering rice will keep the grains separate.

Tip 8- Bread will stay fresh longer if celery rib is stored within the package.

Tip 9- Cheese won’t harden if you butter the exposed edges before storing.

Tip 10- For a fresh flavour in orange juice adds a bit of lemon juice.

Tip 11- Sprout a lot of green grams and then refrigerate for use when required. Green sprouts soup is absolutely delicious and to add substance boil a few sprouted grams to the soup as a garnish as we are not allowed any bread. For this soup you can add a carrot to the sprouts before cooking them.

Tip 12- Store Mushrooms in paper bags rather plastic bags or trays. This stop them from becoming slimy and prolongs their shelf life.

Tip 13- If you want to keep your salad fresh for an evening party, first chill the bowl or tray in which you intend to serve the salad.

Tip 14- To keep your basil fresh store it at room temperature by placing the basil in a glass with only the stems in the water.

Tip 15- Plan up your breakfast or lunch menu in a day advance it will ease your work for next day and you can do your mis en place like cutting vegetables or kneading dough for chapati a day before prefreably night and place it in refridgerator.

Hopefully these tips will reduce your morning kiosk and add enjoyment in your cooking space. 


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    • Sharda Sriram profile image

      SHARDA 5 years ago from Singapore, Singapore

      Good to know that these tips are useful for you. will share some more.

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Interesting tips here. I'll try the celery and bread tip. The salas bowl tip is also nice.

    • Sharda Sriram profile image

      SHARDA 5 years ago from Singapore, Singapore

      Om Paramapoonya You are most welcome..Great that you liked it.

    • Om Paramapoonya profile image

      Om Paramapoonya 5 years ago

      These are very nifty tips, Sharda. I had no idea that mushrooms should be kept in paper bags! Learned something new today. Thanks to you. :)