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Healthy, Exciting School lunch Box Ideas

Updated on August 27, 2012

Preparing School Lunchboxes!

A varied and healthy school lunch is important in order to help children to concentrate on their schoolwork and to feel tull of energy throughout the day. However a healthy lunch does not have to mean a boring lunch! In fact the more interesting it is, the more likely your children are to arrive home with an empty lunchbox!

A couple of weeks before my children return to school each year, we spend some time shopping online and we research some really reasonable lunch packs. This year, my oldest daughter chose a Super Mario design and my little girl who starts playschool this year chose one with the hungry caterpillar design. When these arrived in the post they were both very excited about showing these off at lunch time! This provides me with the opportunity to discuss with them the importance of food and why we must eat healthily.

Next step was to work on some recipies. We tried out some healthy oatmeal flapjacks, a banana bread and a thick soup. Of course the sweet flapjacks and the banana bread will only be added to the lunchbox as a treat but we had fun making them.

Bento Boxes are Trendy

What should be included in a lunchbox?

It is always difficult to judge exactly how much or how little to add to your child's lunchbox at the beginning of the year. Some children are so eager to go and play with their friends at breaktime that they may forget to eat. If you notice that food is coming home on a regular basis, don't automatically presume that your child does not like what you have prepared. Talk to your child or your child's teacher to ensure that they have enough time to eat their lunch.

As a general rule of thumb each meal for a growing child should include

  • fruit or vegetables
  • 2 Portions of Carbohydrates
  • Dairy, ie cheese, yoghurt
  • A serving of meat or fish

You should also try to include healthy non sweetened drinks in your child's lunch. Ideally milk or water.

Helpful Hints on the School Lunch

Some schools have a heathy eating policy which means that chocolate, crisps etc are not allowed in the lunch box. Check if your school has a policy like this. They may also have a policy regarding allergies. Many schools will not permit products containing peanuts to be included in the school lunch.

Try not to provide your child with the same lunch each day. Like adults they get bored and enjoy a change. Surprise them with a little treat from time to time. I also find that my children take a long time to eat fruit so I peel and chop apples and oranges into tiny segments. This way they can eat them quickly during the short school break.

Snack ideas

  • Oatmeal Flapjacks
  • Segments of apple, orange or grape in a little tub
  • Plain crackers buttered and cheese sticks
  • Chicken, ham, tuna sandwiches cut into quarters
  • Child size pitta pockets
  • Wraps
  • Carrot sticks
  • Cold pizza slice cut into pieces (my daughters favouite)

For more ideas check out or

I would love to hear some of your favourite lunchbox ideas

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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      A very good hub on healthy ideas for school lunch boxes. I hope all mothers read this! voted up!


    • mathair profile image

      mathair 6 years ago from Ireland

      Yes lockgirl I so agree with you about omitting nut allergies. Anaphylactic shock can be lethal so it is really important that parents respect the school lunch policy or any other notes that come home regarding allergies.

      Farmer Brown the school my daughter attends work on protecting the environment. They encourage the children to bring in a lunch that does not have plastic wrapping that needs to go in a dustbin, opting for recycable wrapping such as tupperware instead. This cuts down on children feeling left out too!

    • Farmer Brown profile image

      Farmer Brown 6 years ago

      Something I'm having difficulty with is keeping the kids away from food with characters on them - they are not as nutritious and they are too expensive. I prefer to keep characters on the lunch box, like you've got here! Helpful hub to support parents through the school year.

    • lockgirl profile image

      lockgirl 6 years ago from Florida

      Just want to put it out there that becareful with any nut products with the younger children.There are more and more children out there with food allergies. Some schools are now omitting any nut products from the menu's and are asking parents NOT to pack and nut products in their children's lunch boxes. Some children's allergies are so severe that just physical contact can cause an allergic reaction.