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Bodum - Tips for better coffee from a coffee shop owner

Updated on February 28, 2010

James Miyazuki has owned and operated a coffee shop for more than 5 years in Vancouver. I interviewed him about how to brew better coffee. Here are the tips he gave me;

Treat your coffee beans like vegetables

Most people think of coffee beans like dried foods such as spaghetti or dried fruit. Instead James said it's better to think of them as fresh produce or dairy products. Would you keep lettuce in your fridge for two weeks and expect it to taste good. He recommends only buying enough beans for a couple of weeks and sealing the container carefully to keep out air.

Don't skimp on the beans

At his shop James brews each cup individually. He uses 1 ounce of coffee for every 12 ounce cup of java.


James buys blended beans - a nixture of Guatemalan, Brazillian and Costa Rican, He says if you're looking for the perfect bean, it not out there. By blending complementary beans that mix different floral tones, acidity and mellowness you can create the perfect blend of beans.

Dirty is better

James always throws away the first couple of cups of coffee in the morning. Why? The mcahine is too clean.

Grind you beans as little as possible

According to James the grind has a huge impact on taste. Too many of his customers overgrind their beans into a fine dust. This brings out odd tastes in the means.

Which coffee machine is best?

The coffee machine is much less important than the quality of the beans and the grind. He estimates that 80% of the taste depends on the quality of the beans and the right grind. Only 20% on the machine. Spend your money on top beans and a good grinder.


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    • Kaffeeschnueffler profile image

      Jack 4 years ago from Zuerich, Switzerland

      You use the word "Java" as a synonym for Coffee as a Cuban uses "Puro" for a good Cigar :-)) I like it.