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Tips to Buying a Good Electric kettle

Updated on March 30, 2017

Electric kettles are an essential cookware around the kitchen. They make heating of liquids easy and also save on electricity bill.

Many people, though, end up buying average rated kettles whose lifespan is short. This guide, then, highlights the factors to consider in buying an electric kettle.
Read them out.


5 Considerations to Think over When buying an Electric Kettle

1. Capacity of the electric kettle.

It's vital to ensure that you only buy an electric kettle that actually takes care of your needs. Most electric kettles have their capacities ranging between 1 liter on the lower side and 2 liters on the upper side. Think over which capacity best meets your family needs without inconveniences of having to boil tea multiple times just to ensure each of your family members have a share.

If you have a medium family size, then a kettle that's from 1.5 liters can serve you well.

2. Minimum liquid that you can boil.

There are times you only require to heat just a small amount of water to make a cup of coffee. But then, some electrical kettles dictate that you can only heat a specified minimum amount to keep the kettle and the user safe. Find out from the seller the minimum amount that your preferred kettle can heat prior to making your buy decision.

3. Added features.

Does the kettle you are thinking of buy offer added features that distinguishes from other ordinary kettles in the market? Does your preferred kettle have a feature that helps keep its contents warm even an hour or so? Check for added features that makes it safer and convenient to use that particular brand of kettle over others.

4. Auto shutoff and boil dry protection.

We all get those moments of forgetfulness. These features should keep the kettle and ,of course, yourself protected when the water in the kettle boils off to dangerous temperatures or if the liquid evaporates leaving the jar empty and at danger of melting down or exploding.

Once the liquid boils to set temperatures, the kettle just goes off meaning you can do other things without having to check constantly if the water has boiled to your satisfaction.

5. If the kettle has a cordless capability.

A cordless cable makes it easy to serve around the house without being gagged to the socket. The kettle, in essence, can be moved across the dining table without inconveniencing those enjoying their meals.

Green tea
Green tea | Source

Beverages that you can prepare with an electric kettle.

While it all depends on the instructions of use that cone with your electric kettle, you can use your device to prepare various hot drinks including;

> Green tea

> Black coffee

> Hot water

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that whichever liquid you're heating do not leave hard to clean residues.

Wrapping it all

These are certainly not the only factors you should have a thought on in your buying process but they do definitely give you a good starting point. Let's know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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