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Tips to spice up snacks with BBQ sauce!

Updated on January 31, 2012

Zip It Up With BBQ!

BBQ Sauce has the scrumptious potential to turn what may seem an ordinary, plain snack into a delightful, flavorful treat.

" Here are some ways you can add your favorite BBQ sauce to several foods of your choice."

  1. BBQ Spread- Mix up a bit of barbecue sauce into mayonnaise for a tangy spread for your sandwich, wraps or pitas.
  2. BBQ Ranch Dressing - If you have a hard time getting excited about your salad try this: Stir a little barbecue sauce into ranch dressing, it's great for salads and dips. This adds southwestern flair and becomes addictive. This is really great when you use smoked meat on your salad. " Garnish with fried tortilla strips for extra crunch."
  3. Smoky Dipping Sauce- Mix together equal amounts of BBQ sauce and ketchup - great with crispy french fries.
  4. Rodeo Eggs - Drizzle your eggs with barbecue sauce for a mouthful of flavor- even lightly drizzle on deviled eggs too.
  5. Cowboy Beans - Got a can of beans? Give them a smoky campfire flavor by stirring in a spoonful of barbecue sauce. Adding a little to your favorite baked bean recipe is nice for a switch too.
  6. Sweeten Up Your BBQ- You can buy plain or smoky flavor BBQ sauce, just add brown sugar and cook it together and pour it over your favorite meat. It tastes better than the pre-sweetened kind in the bottle.
  7. Make it Homemade - You will need ketchup, brown sugar and liquid smoke. Depending on how much your are making on how much of each you will use. Use enough brown sugar that your sauce will be dark like BBQ and add enough liquid smoke that will give it the smoky flavor, taste as you go. Boil ingredients in a saucepan until smooth and mixed well. Adding minced sauteed onions to the sauce is delicious. This is great for BBQ meatballs and little smokies.
  8. BBQ Hamburger Meat - It is yummy to mix BBQ sauce with your hamburger meat to add flavor to your patties and also mixing it in with your meat loaf with a BBQ paste on the top is great for a change.
  9. Crock Pot BBQ Flavor Chicken- When you are slow cooking crock-pot chicken, if you add a bottle of BBQ sauce to the juice and let it cook for hours, you talk about some good eating.
  10. Sour-cue -Mixing sour-cream and BBQ sauce together makes a delightful dip and is good on burritos and nachos.


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    • James Peters profile image

      James Timothy Peters 

      6 years ago from Hammond, Indiana


      Thumbs Up & More!

      Great Hub!!

      Write On!!!

      Became a "Follower"!

    • singingmommy profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Green 

      9 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Thanks for the great comments!

    • prasetio30 profile image


      9 years ago from malang-indonesia

      nice recipes. I love it.

    • Health Conscious profile image

      Health Conscious 

      10 years ago from South Florida - USA

      Yehaa those are some really tasty sounding ideas.

      Where did an Okalohama girl find Eastern North Carolina Barbeque Sauce.

      "Scotts" is the best and I always bring a couple of bottles back to Florida when I visit NC. (no I don't work for them although I have met the owners)

      Oh in case you found the pic somewhere, Scott's is the front bottle with the yellow label. :-) (if you did I'm sure neither the Scott's or John Boy and Billy will mind the publicity)


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