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Tips to withstand hunger between meals

Updated on March 23, 2016

One of the most important rules to get rid of excess weight a healthy diet through eating meals on time and in the quantities specified in the diet and avoid Althagah meals which contain a lot of calories.

But the success of that diet and achieve record results in a short time must bear some difficulties such as feelings of hunger between meals.

Submit your magazine in your hands in this article are some tips that will help you in carrying feeling hungry between meals to summon great results on your way to get rid of excess weight.
Achla your time

Make sure that is not available to you time to think about food and how you feel hungry, as if evaluating occupancy yourself an activity or hobby Tilaka and develop your skills, learn a new language or Always read a new book or national to go to the club to do some exercise practice of sport helps to reduce the desire to eat the food.

Do not have to suffer as a result of feeling hungry between meals Eating a meal may trivialize those feelings, I do not mind a small handful of almonds or unsalted popcorn third party, then meals do not carry a lot of calories and reduce the sense of hunger.

Many doctors nutrition and obesity recommend that eating a large amount of water between meals and to the importance of water to get rid of excess weight by helping the body to burn stored fat him, as water contributes to reduce the feeling of hunger, and proven medical studies that the man can not differentiate between feelings of hunger and thirst in many times, and it means that you feel hungry may be primarily feeling thirsty but not Taminy of the distinction between Alhaouran.
Splitting meals

If you suffer from feeling famished between meals, do not mind dividing the three main meals to five by dividing the amount of food, that it helps a lot to avoid feeling hungry between meals.

There is no easy investigation target especially if attached to the target losing weight, the matter is hard at first, but with habituation would be easy Begin gradually reducing the amount of food consider taking by not evaluating eating very little will not enable you to satiety, which leads to diet failure, just Go up the volume of ladder agility gradually Tlatoani not even halfway.


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