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Toddler's Fussy Food Habits

Updated on March 28, 2012

It's quite normal for toddler's to suddenly decide they no longer like a food that for months they couldn't get enough of. This is the time when they are realizing they have a voice and try to stake claim to their independence. However if you're offering them a plate of food that they've never had before they won't eat because these are foreign to them. They don't like strange food items and will shy away from them similar to shying away for a person they've never met. Some have thought they were just being difficult when it's nothing like that at all. For most toddlers if something in their life changes it can be scary, they don't like their routine to be different. This is especially true if they have a regimented schedule, one change can throw them off kilter.

The meals that you have at home with our child should be eaten together. This creates an enjoyable atmosphere. Talk about how your day was, ask about daycare, or if mom stays home with them ask how their day with mom was. Ask if you can share a bite of his or her food then offer them yours. Show them by smiling that the food is yummy and sometimes that will do the trick.

When you want to offer them something they haven't had before limit the new food to a few piece or a little tab so they aren't overwhelmed. Then make sure there a familiar foods for them to eat as well. Also, limit what you are having for dinner, don't offer a variety of options because they will be confused at trying to decide what they want. If you're concerned that they aren't getting enough nutrition have Carnation Instant Breakfast or a similar beverage to offer. Most pediatricians have made that an option during the toddler fussy eating stage. They also suggest that if you have a toddler that will eat fruit and veggies yet don't like meat to find an alternative food that is high in protein. A lot of the Greek yogurts are high in protein. Therefore if they have a yogurt and fruit it's better than the alternative, not eating.

Here are other protein foods that you may consider using as alternatives: Greek yogurt, Eggs, cheddar cheese, string cheese, cottage cheese, kidney beans, navy beans, leans meats such as skinless chicken breast - white meat only, skinless turkey - white meat only and various types of soy based food.

Good Luck & Happy Eating!!


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