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Tofu Recipe

Updated on June 14, 2011

Tofu Sauce Recipe for Pasta or Rice

This tofu recipe is for a very nutritious sauce that can be served with pasta or rice.

Frying Tofu
Frying Tofu | Source



Handful of cashew nuts

Half an onion

Tin of chopped tomatoes or fresh

Half a cup of sliced olives

3 garlic cloves

Olive oil

Tin of red kidney beans

Ground ginger

Dried rosemary, ground turmeric, dried oregano, ground garlic, salt and pepper.

Get a Big Frying Pan

Heat a little olive oil in the pan.

Slice up the garlic cloves and dice up the half onion and start them frying in the pan.

Cut the tofu into cubes and add it to the pan to fry with the garlic and onion. Don't overdo the frying, just lightly.

Sprinkle your herbs over the tofu as it starts to fry. A good sprinkling of turmeric and ginger, but just a little garlic, rosemary, oregano, salt and pepper.

Throw in the cashews. Add more oil if it starts to stick.

Drain the kidney beans and rinse well under running water. Add them to the pan.

Pour in the chopped toms and the sliced olives.

Cover and allow to simmer on the lowest heat for 15 to 20 minutes.


Can be served with pasta, spaghetti, rice or salad leaves.

Nutritional Value of Tofu

Tofu is a good source of the following;

protien, calcium, iron, phytoestrogens, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, copper, zinc, vitamin k.

The turmeric has great health benefits as an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer aid.

The ginger is also a good anti-inflammatory and therefore great as a pain killer.

In fact if you really want to go to town on the anti-inflammatories you can add some fresh parsley as a garnish to this easy tofu recipe.


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