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Top 10 Breakfasts

Updated on May 17, 2010

10. Cold cereal

Personally I love having a bowl of cereal in the summer.

I usually wake up all hot and dry-mouthed in the morning during the summer time, and nothing tastes better than a cold bowl of cereal.

Personally I like eating either the Special K Red Berries cereal, with strawberries in them, or Strawberry Mini Wheaties, because they're so yummy and filling. Nothing beats cereal on a hot summer morning. 

9. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is SO healthy and good for you.. but sometimes it takes a taste to like.

I used to absolutely HATE oatmeal. Just hate it. 

Lately I have figured out the best way to eat it and that is to add with hot milk, and some cinnamon. All that, plus some mashed bananas and strawberries. It tastes SO good with the fruit, and SO healthy for you. 

8. Bacon and Eggs

This is quite possibly the best breakfast for your brains. It packs SO much calories and carbs, and if you have some sort of a night filled with activities that use the brain -- like a big test or something -- this is perfect for you.

I must point out that you should not eat this every day since it also packs lots of cholesterol and fat. 

7. Eggs Benedict

Eggs benedict is another somewhat unhealthy meal.. but it is so yummy.

It is made up of half of an English muffin, topped with bacon and a poached egg with a little of hollandaise sauce. 


6. Crepes, Pancakes, and Waffles

Crepes, pancackes, and waffles are loved by so many people from all over the world.

Crepes are especially my favorite because I can customize them with anything. I can put anything on there from whipped cream, chocolate, m&ms, jam, butter, anything!!!

Pancakes are SO good too. Just make sure you have lots of maple syrup on hand for them.

Make sure you have left over maple syrup for the waffles too.

5. Jajik

Jajik is one of those breakfasts that are either not known by most people, or forgotten.

It consists of cold plain yogurt, mixed with fresh cucumbers, some garlic, olive oil, and anything else you like that seems to fit your taste.

It is very healthy, and has lots of vitamins.

4. Cereal bars

Some people make these things from scratch. They throw in a little bit of their favorite cereals, plus a mixture of flour and milk. In the oven for a little while, and then make them like rice crispy treats.

I buy these from the store, and they taste OH SO GOOD. I personally love the Honey Nut Cheerios, and they are just as healthy as their cereal counterpart. I like these when I'm in a rush or late to some place.

3. Cottage Cheese and Fruit

This is another summer favorite of mine.

Nothing is better than a bowl of cottage cheese with fresh-cut cold fruit.

I personally love my cottage cheese with strawberries, blue berries, pineapples, and a little bit of raspberry jam on the side.

Try it, you will fall in love.

2. Grilled Cheese

Let's be honest, grilled cheese is a gift sent down from the gods to us. It can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack.

I make my grilled cheese perfectly using two whole grain wheat bread. I rub some butter on each side of the bread. I put a slice of cheese in between the two breads and stick the thing on a frying pan. I watch it sizzle till golden.

I eat that thing in 2 seconds. Yumm!! 

1. Cold Pizza

Every time I order pizza at night, I make sure that I order a bit too much so I could have some left over. 

Pizza is just about everyone's favorite food (let's not kid ourselves here). It is unhealthy, we all know that. 

Though, nothing tastes better in the morning than some cold pizza. My mom never really liked me eating it back when I was a kid, but now i'm a 22-year old kid living on my own, and the first morning by myself I woke up and ate cold pizza. SO good. 


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