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Top 10 Caribbean Fruits

Updated on January 4, 2012

I've lived in the Caribbean for my entire life, specifically on the island of St. Lucia and there isn't a fruit grown on our trees that I haven't tasted. While I do enjoy a grape or an apple not to mention the ever satisfying honeydew I'm sorry but they do not compare to the tropical fruits that are native to my country and most of the Caribbean. Not only do I believe that they are of great taste but some have been proven to be of superior health benefit, so let's get to it:

10. Bajan Cherries

While many may argue that the taste of a Bajan Cherry pales in comparison to other varieties I love it simply because I grew up loving it. The fruit has a unique sweet sour taste and the soft seed is fun to chew on. Aside from that the Bajan Cherry makes the best cherry juice you could ever taste, with or without the pulp its simply amazing.

9. Grapefruit

A citrus classic no matter where you get it a grapefruit is a grapefruit and it tastes good (unless you get those really sour ones). I eat grapefruit slices with sugar sprinkled on top and it is absolute heaven to me because I get this sweet sour flavor that I spoke of earlier which is ten times better than the cherry.

8. Guava

Sorry I have to say this; I ate guavas till I was sick and constipated as a child. when guavas are in season I would literally spend all my free time on a guava tree. Some varieties are sour but right now I'm making reference to the sweet guavas particularly the big ones with the white flesh inside, those were my favorite.

7. Sugar Apple

This one was a rare treat to me because we didn't have many sugar apple trees around the house but I love its sweet taste and smooth fleshy consistency. My only complaint of the sugar apple is that they are too small. I've never heard of juice being made out of it but putting thought into it now, it should make some great fruit juice or shake.

6. Pomme D'amour

I did a google search on the fruit and the pictures being shown are definitely not what I speak of. The pomme d'amour of love apple that I speak of is a red palm sized fruit with a fleshy white interior and a medium sized seed. It resembles the wax apple but is very different in taste. One bite of this fruit and you're going to fall in love with it just like the name suggests.

5. Ackees

My little drops of heaven they are. Every summer my biggest anticipation would be when the ackee tree is going to bear fruit. They are like natural bite sized candies. Crack open the green shell suck on the orange to pale orange flesh and then you throw away the seed; fun and tasty what more could you want. Warning ackees may cause death! Yes I'm serious, if you happen to swallow that seed it is just the right size to get lodges into your air way and suffocate you to death. I've known of a few cases where this has happened sadly but the risk makes it all the more fun when eating.

4. Oranges

Do i really need to say more after this? No I wont.

3. Wax Apple

Honestly I can't recall having much of this as a child but of late it has been one of my favorites. They are small sweet and absolutely refreshing due to their water content. I could eat this particular fruit anywhere at any time because its not big or messy which makes it quick and easy to consume.

2. Mangoes

Now you cannot be from the Caribbean and not love mangoes, you deserve to be shipped out (some may view that as a blessing however). There are so many varieties of mangoes on my small island alone its hard to keep up. I'm always learning of a new mango and to this day I have never had a mango that I've not liked. Unlike the wax apple however a mango can get very messy but no one cares cause its so sweet and incredibly juicy. I wish I could have one now.

1. Soursop

If you are from the tropics you may be wondering why the hell I chose the soursop over the mango. Well I've always loved the soursop fruit because like most of our fruits its fleshy and juicy but the "fleshiness" of the soursop is in a whole different league. However this is not what gave it the winning edge for me. I only recently discovered that this fruit has the ability to fight cancer cells. Research as shown that it effectively targets the damaged cancer cells in the body to kill them and leaves normal cells completely unharmed. These other fruits are great, but soursop kills cancer.


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    • profile image


      15 months ago

      Acker = guinep. Jamaica Acker is cooked not eaten raw. In a red pod

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Your goal is to breed all the different dragons available to you and enter combat against other player's dragons. deddkbddagdk

    • profile image

      Carrie Pink 

      5 years ago

      This would help so much more if you had pics of each fruit.

    • iguidenetwork profile image


      6 years ago from Austin, TX

      Nice profile on some tropical fruits; my favorites being mangoes and guavas. The others are really interesting like the Bajan cherry, from your description of it I think it sounds really tasty. :)

    • Bianu profile image


      7 years ago from Africa

      Yummy, maybe I should move.


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