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Top 10 Famous Foods Around The World

Updated on November 19, 2015

Fish n’ Chips, Britain

Britain’s favourite and utmost loved coupling of all time, fish n chips serve to appetize even the most finicky eaters who have the hardest time making a choice when it comes to selecting a dish. The fresh pieces of crunchy, battered fish with a dollop of tartar sauce never fail to please the taste buds especially when accompanied by golden, crispy chips, fried to perfection. The tender and delicate white meat inside the crusty layer of batter sprinkled with salt and a dash of vinegar melts on the tongue, pleasuring the senses.

Sushi, Japan

The unique combination of raw fish and rice is what makes it a global first-date favourite. There can be many types of sushi including Nigiri, Gunkan and Norimaki to name a few, each with a different cooking style. Usually it is served as rolls of rice, wrapped in a layer of dried seaweed, with slices of raw fish, a dash of wasabi and a cup of vegetables or fruits, all set elegantly in a Japanese style geometric, mono or duo toned wooden plate.

Traditional Cheese Burgers, United States

A typical traditional cheese burger consists of some “non-negotiable” ingredients including a perfectly ground, juicy beef patty and a slice of American cheese which melts slowly and evenly, spreading flavour all over the meat cake. The epic combination of crispy lettuce leaves, thinly cut red onion, fresh cucumbers, ripened tomatoes and a blob of thick and creamy mayo makes it a completely impeccable and flavourful meal. No wonder it is one of the most famous foods in the world!

Arepas, Venezuela

From a healthy breakfast treat to a lunch main course, Arepas are corn-dough patties which serve as a savoury canvas onto which a diverse mix of relishing toppings can be painted. In the morning the freshly baked arepas can be filled with cheese or paired with butter with a side of scrambled eggs whereas during lunch, some shredded chicken, bacon, avocado, tomatoes with a squirt of garlic mayo, Thousand Island dressing or mustard can serve as a satisfying meal. They are offered at various fast food restaurants and loved by Venezuelans and others alike!

Neapolitan Pizza, Italy

Prepared with the simplest ingredients, Neapolitan Pizza has the hearts of many around the globe. With a long history, this pizza is still known to be the best. It consists of high quality wheat flour hand-rolled dough with garden-fresh ripened tomatoes, a splash of olive oil, sprinkle of basil and a generous amount of cheese baked to perfection. As soon as the pizza comes out of the oven, its hot, golden brown slices instantly make you drool over the freshly baked cheesy treat.

Rendang, Indonesia

Rendang is an Indonesian classic, traditionally served on festive occasions to honour guests. However, the tender beef dish prepared using flavourful ingredients with a sprint of coconut milk has become popular around the world because of the eclectic blend of spices and herbs. Freshly cooked bovine goodness along with the creamy texture of the coconut sauce and a tinge of lemongrass sends ones stomach into overdrive.

Chili Crab, Singapore

Visiting Singapore without trying this sloppy meaty delicacy is completely out of question. Where there are a dozen of recipes to prepare crabs, this one is the local and international u. Mud crabs are stir fried in a wok of thick, semi-sweet chili sauce with a light sprinkle of basil. The generous yield of mud crab mixed with chili sauce, served with crusty bread, mini buns or steamed rice serves to be a luxuriously satisfying meal for a hearty seafood lover.

Tacos, Mexico

Tacos are the much loved food in the world and continue to surge in popularity. These small bundles of meat and vegetables cooked in delectable sauces, combined with brightly coloured toppings of cheddar, spices and herbs tend to give hunger pangs to everyone. The strong Mexican flair with a mix of cheese and savory sauces can certainly not be ignored. Usually served with salsa or avocado guacamole, tacos do not only please the eyes but also pleasure the taste buds.

Seafood Paella, Spain

Seafood Pella is basically a one wok seafood cocktail on a bed of rice. This delicious pot of seafood consists of a bit of everything, from monkfish to king prawns, lobsters and crayfish cooked alongside vegetables and seasoned with paprika and different herbs. The seemingly varying mixture of seasoned rice and seafood turns out to be a wonderfully comforting dish, bursting with flavours and pleasing the stomach.

Kebabs, Turkey

From Turkey to Britain and the rest of the world, kebabs are one of the most famous foods, especially doner kebabs among students in UK. There are hundreds of variations in kebabs, from setting grilled pieces of meat and vegetables on a stick to barbecuing ground meat pressed around metal skewers. They are served alongside bread or on a bed of saffron rice, Irani style. Usually prepared with hand chopped meat of lamb, this smoky, delicious wonder has occupied a permanent spot in the hearts of diehard meat fans!


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great list of foods around the world.

    • Linnea Lewis profile image

      Linnea Lewis 

      3 years ago from South Carolina, USA

      Such a nice guide on the countries' traditional foods. I have never heard of those Indonesian or Singapore dishes, it was very interesting to know about them!


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