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Top 10 Food to Boost Longevity

Updated on October 27, 2011

According to the research conducted by various institutions, the following 10 food are the best ones to improve longevity.
Apple: eating one apple everyday can reduce the chances of getting Alzheimers to a great extent. Apple contains quercetin, which not only diminishes inflammation, but also hinders the development of cancer cells. The apple also contains rich mineral composition and vitamins to improve immunity and cardiovascular efficiency.
Fish: if you are concerned about your heart, you should eat more fish. Eating 30 grams of fish or 3 dishes of fish would greatly reduce the risk of having stroke to 50%. Medical research proves that compared with other ethnic groups, japanese and Eskimos who eat fish regulary has very fewer chances of having cardiovascular disease.
Garlic: garlic not only prevents catching cold but also reduce the chance of getting gastric cancer and intestinal cancer. It improves digestion. Additionally, garlic cleanses arteries and prevents vascular obstruction. It effectively prevents vascular disease.
Strawberry: eating more strawberry can supplement vitamin C, Strawberry contains rich iron to improve immunity. The coloring matter and essential oil contained in strawberry can produce special enzyme to prevent occuring of cancers.
Carrot: carrot contains rich renieratene, it protects gene structure and prevents cancer. It also improves skin and vision.


Banana: banana contains the most carbohydrates among fruits and it has many types of trace elements. It prevents sugar entering into blood and it has rich magnesium. Eating one banana can satisfy 1/6 of magnesium need of a human body in 24 hours.
Green tea: the composition that defines its amazing effect is called catechol, this bioactivator prevents atherosclerosis and prostate cancer. It also helps in weight loss, yet for burning reduntant fat, you should have at least 4 big cups of green tea everyday.
Soy bean: soy bean contains rich lecithin and vitamin B, it improves ideation and nervous function. It is the important source of vegetable protein, although Europeans are not used to eat it but the latest research shows it really beneficial for health.
Milk: milk is one of the most important restorative food. It contains highly absorbable protein and lactose. It is rich in calcium, the calcium accumulated in body from early childhood can prevent osteoporosis when aged. It also safeguards nervous system and it is necessary in the normal growth of skeleton and muscle.
Hot pepper: hot pepper boosts metabolism and helps in weight loss. Pepper can stimulate secretion of gastric juice and prevents emergence of harmful bateria. Sweet pepper is also beneficial to health because it contains vitamin C and prevents cancer and cardiovascular disease to delay senility.


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    • cyberwriter profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Beijing,China

      You are welcome, I will add more health tips so be sure to follow me. Thanks.

    • kerlynb profile image


      7 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      Wow, I never knew banana has a good amount of magnesium. Thanks for the useful information.


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