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Top 10 YouTube Cooking Channels

Updated on March 1, 2012

We all like to eat good food, but not all of us like to cook. I have to admit: I was one of those who do not like cooking, simply because I thought it was a long and difficult procedure. However, the discovery of cooking channels changed my view and gave me the motivation to cook and experience the joy of cooking.

Although printed recipes are great, it is much more fun to watch someone preparing the food. The channels listed below are my absolute top favourites. The recipes are easy, quick, very well-instructed and the variety of recipes is huge.

Laura in the kitchen

This online cooking show is hosted by an Italian-born Laura Vitale. Her mission is that anyone can cook! Beware, her channel is quite addictive.


Chef John teaches us that cooking is fun. His recipes are easy, simple and delicious. Plus, he’s funny too.


Sorted food is created by a few friends with a mission to get people back into the kitchen. They have amazing and easy recipes. Definitely fun to watch!

One Pot Chef Show:

David Chilcott is one of Australia’s top YouTube chefs. A great channel with lots of fun and wallet-friendly recipes.

Nicko's Kitchen

Rob Nixon is another Australian YouTube chef who prepares tasty and simple dishes. There are budget meals on Monday, recipe requests on Wednesday and fast food on Friday.


Chef Jason Hill’s speciality is quick and simple meals with a sprinkle of humor.

Show me the Curry

Two moms, Hetal and Anuja, give a step-by-step guide on how to cook Indian cuisine. Easy and delicious recipes.

BBQ Pit Boys (BarbecueWeb)

Don’t you just LOVE Barbecue? BBQ Pit Boys teach us the basic techniques of BBQ and grilling.

Cooking with Dog

If you like Japanese cuisine, CookingwithDog is a great channel to learn delicious Japanese savouries.


Maangchi’s channel is all about Korean food. Simple yet amazing recipes.


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