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Top 100 Chocolate Bars Women Love

Updated on September 11, 2015
Cadbury for all occasions
Cadbury for all occasions | Source

Women love chocolates, and they are vocal about. What chocolates do women eat often? While bitter chocolate is exceedingly popular with women in various age groups, it’s milk chocolate that is consumed in significantly large quantities globally. Chocolate bars are popular with both children and adults. The feeling when you take a bite of chocolate is unexplainable; it has to be experienced by an individual on a personal level.

You never have enough of Hershey's
You never have enough of Hershey's | Source

While consumption of chocolate bars is exceedingly high throughout the year, it’s during the festive season consumption skyrockets another level. Chocolate gift packs are popular during the Christmas season. Chocolate sales of different chocolate brands also surge globally a week before Valentine’s Day. Chocolates make popular gifts on Valentine’s Day. A box of chocolates is associated with love, and this tradition will remain popular till end of days. While festive seasons and occasions do see chocolate sales increase tremendously, there is no particular time for chocolate bars; chocolates can be had at anytime.

When you're hungry... Grab a Snickers
When you're hungry... Grab a Snickers | Source

Women consume a significantly larger number of chocolate bars than men. Not many women are able to curb their chocolate cravings. When a woman wants to eat a chocolate, she will do all it takes to have her favorite chocolate. A number of pregnant women like to nibble on chocolate bars during different stages of pregnancy. While different types of chocolates are popular with women, its chocolate bars that are a rage with women globally. At cash counters of supermarkets we see a number of women buy chocolate bars as they are paying their bills. Chocolate bars and other types of chocolates are neatly displayed at cash counters of supermarkets. A large number of women and children buy chocolates as they wait in queue at the cash counter of a supermarket. Chocolates are kept at cash counter to entice. While the health benefits of chocolate in regard with enhancing brain stimulation is being researched, a large number of chocolate enthusiasts eat chocolates for pure pleasure and taste.

You just cannot miss a coconut chocolate bar
You just cannot miss a coconut chocolate bar | Source

The presence of caffeine and theobromine vary in accordance with the type of chocolate. Many individuals consider chocolate an aphrodisiac. While there is no substantial proof that chocolate enhances pleasure during a sexual encounter, many women agree that chocolate consumption rekindles romance in a lucid manner. Women become childlike when they come across chocolates. The glee on a woman’s face when she has her favorite chocolate in hand is amusing to watch. Many women love to have chocolate bars during the day. A fairly large number of women globally have bitter chocolate because of the health benefits associated with cocoa.

Gooey Chocolate bars are irresistible
Gooey Chocolate bars are irresistible | Source

While chocolate can be had anytime or day, women prefer to have chocolate in the mornings and at night. Furthermore, individuals also like to have a piece of chocolate after meals. Not many women like to share chocolates. Women become little children when they see chocolates. It may come as a surprise; women do have secret places where they hide their chocolates.

Healthy chocolate bars
Healthy chocolate bars | Source

A hiding place for chocolates may seem a bit exaggerated to many, but women who love chocolates do hide their favorite chocolates far from eyes that have similar tastes. Also, young women are known to have chocolate cravings at unearthly hours. A lot of women nibble on chocolate bars when they are at the computer, especially while chatting with friends on social networks. What chocolate bars do women love to eat during different times of the day? The space below gives a detailed list of the most popular chocolate bars with women.

What’s your favorite Chocolate bar?

It's Kit Kat Time
It's Kit Kat Time | Source

Top 100 Chocolate Bars Women Love

  1. Dairy Milk
  2. Toblerone
  3. Hachez Chocolate Bar Classic
  4. Hershey Chocolate Bar
  5. Snickers
  6. Mars Bar
  7. Bounty
  8. Double Decker
  9. Milky Bar
  10. Galaxy Bar
  11. Kinder Chocolate Bar
  12. Almond Joy
  13. Twirl
  14. Baby Ruth
  15. Aero Chocolate Bar
  16. Lindt Chocolate Bar
  17. Boost
  18. Milky Way Chocolate Bar
  19. 3 Musketeers
  20. Bournville
  21. Chomp
  22. Crunchie
  23. Mr. Goodbar
  24. 100 Grand Bar
  25. Coffee Crisp
  26. Butterfinger
  27. Chokito
  28. Kit Kat
  29. Michel Cluizel Noir de Cacao 72%
  30. After Eight Chocolate Mint
  31. 5th Avenue
  32. Chunky
  33. Freddo
  34. Cadbury Mr. Big
  35. Caramello/Caramilks
  36. Flake
  37. Crunch
  38. Green and Blacks
  39. Cherry Ripe
  40. Hershey’s Special Dark
  41. Moro Chocolate Bar
  42. Chocolat Frey
  43. Picnic Chocolate bar
  44. Fry’s Turkish Delight
  45. Mounds
  46. Curly Wurly
  47. Fudge
  48. Milka Chocolate Bar
  49. Idaho Spud
  50. Peppermint Crisp
  51. Nut Rageous
  52. Starbar
  53. Heath Bar
  54. Suchard Chocolate Bar
  55. Prince Polo
  56. Krackel
  57. Lion Bar
  58. S’mores
  59. Haviland Thin Mints
  60. Take 5
  61. Cavalier Chocolate Bar
  62. Sky Bar
  63. Villars Chocolate Bar
  64. Milo Chocolat Bar
  65. Camille Bloch
  66. Schmerling’s Chocolate Bar
  67. Ritter Sport Chocolate Bar
  68. Munz Chocolate Bar
  69. Charleston Chew
  70. Kvikk Lunsj
  71. Time Out
  72. Favarger Chocolate Bar
  73. Lotte Ghana
  74. Wispa
  75. Ragusa
  76. M- Azing
  77. Oh Henry!
  78. Yorkie
  79. Topic
  80. Ripple
  81. White Knight
  82. Toffee Crisp
  83. Minor Chocolate
  84. Spira
  85. Mountain Bar
  86. Godiva Chocolate Bar
  87. Peppermint Cream
  88. Violet Crumble
  89. Skor Chocolate Bar
  90. Fuse
  91. Turo Rudi
  92. Maestrani Chocolate Bar
  93. Moser Roth Dark Bar
  94. Twix
  95. U- No Bar
  96. Coop Chocolate Bar
  97. Whatchamacallit
  98. Dubble
  99. Goldkenn Chocolate Bar
  100. Bueno


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