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Top 15 Carrot Juice Benefits

Updated on October 7, 2015

Carrots are rich in both nutrients and minerals. Consuming it as a juice has a number of health benefits. Some common benefits of Carrot Juice include improvement of vision, treating common skin problems and improving hair and nail quality. The benefits are evident as almost all diet plans include a healthy Carrot Juice recipe as a recommendation.

Some Carrot Juice advantages have been discussed below

  1. Reduces Cholesterol: Presence of potassium helps in reducing the cholesterol levels (2). It also helps in reducing fat and bile formation inside the liver. Additionally, magnesium and manganese help in stabilizing the blood sugar levels and thus reducing the risks of diabetes.
  2. Increases immunity & controls heart diseases: Carrot Juice constitutes of Beta-carotene, making it a rich source of vitamin A. It facilitates improving immunity levels while aiding better vision. Besides, Vitamin A is also known to be a great source to control heart diseases or strokes (3). It also keeps the lining of internal organs healthy that in turn prevents us from getting infected from pathogenic organisms.
  3. Heals wounds & makes gums healthier: Presence of Vitamin C helps in healing of wounds and keeping the gums healthy (4). Vitamin K helps to aid blood clotting.
  4. Carrot Juice and cancer: Studies have revealed that due to high content of carotenoids in Carrot Juice, cancer can also be treated. It can also decrease instances of breast cancer, colon or prostate (5).
  5. Improves bone health: With Vitamin K, Carrot Juice supports the protein building process in a body. By binding calcium, it facilitates quicker healing of broken bones while Potassium contributes in improving bone health (6).
  6. Cleanses Liver: Detoxification of the body is aided by consumption of Carrot Juice and liver gets cleansed. Consumption on a regular basis helps in releasing toxins from the liver (7). As bloodstream cannot get rid of bile and toxins from the kidney, they need to be ejected. Intake of the Juice will flush harmful bile and prevent accumulation of excess fat.
  7. Reduces Scars and dryness: Skin Dryness and scar or blemishes can be considerably reduced with the high content of Potassium. It also helps in improving the skin tone while keeping the body hydrated and acting as a natural moisturizer for your skin (8).
  8. Fights Acne: Due to high amount of essential oils, acne can be prevented. Also, with high content of Vitamin A, Carrot Juice helps in treating skin disorders like eczema, rashes, or dermatitis (9).
  9. Protects from sun damage: A perfect recipe for reducing sunburn and increasing resistance to sun damage. It is due to beta-carotenoids, an element that is part of the photosynthesis process in plants (10).
  10. Anti-ageing characteristics: Beta-carotenoids have the ability of fighting ageing. It converts to Vitamin A inside the body and helps in reduction of cell degeneration. This enables slowing down the aging process of the body while improving the collagen levels. It also helps to maintain elasticity and aids in reducing skin to appear saggy or with wrinkles (11).
  11. Benefits during Pregnancy: Women can yield a lot of beauty benefits with Carrot Juice and pregnancy is a stage where its consumption can improve the health of both the expectant mother and the child. It is also known to improve breast milk quality as it gets enriched by Vitamin A (12). Additionally, a Carrot Juice a day in the last 3 months of pregnancy can help in eliminating the chances of any dangerous infection to the child.
  12. Aids Weight loss: Being a low-calorie count health drink, Carrot Juice benefits for weight loss are a well-known fact. Carrot Juice cocktail which includes apple, cucumber, and celery can be a great source to fight obesity (13).
  13. Improves metabolism: Presence of high content of Vitamin B breaks glucose, protein and fat which further aids in building muscles and hence improving metabolism. It also helps in fighting stress or depression (14).
  14. Supplement for workout: It can be a great supplement if you work out regularly. It facilitates muscle formation, ensures optimal usage of energy, and reduces pain after workout (15).
  15. Other benefits of a Carrot Juice: Manganese and Magnesium, stabilizes sugar levels and helps in reducing weight due to diabetes (16). Presence of large volumes of fiber facilitates better digestion while making you feel fuller for a longer period.

If you are wondering how to make Carrot Juice, you can browse through several recipes that are available on the internet.


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      Abhishek Gupta 2 years ago from Kolkata

      you are welcome .. hope it helps the readers with the required info as well.

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      Centfie 2 years ago from Kenya

      very detailed and informative article. thank you.