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Top 5 Characteristics Of The Best Gas Grills

Updated on November 20, 2012

The best gas grills have a set of uniques features that separate them from the pack. Unlike ordinary grills these elite barbecues handle a wide range of cooking styles and methods. It is because of this fact that one of the characteristics of the best gas grills is that they are expensive. I will cover the five things that make them expensive and allow you decide if it is worth it.

Partial Infrared

The heating of ceramic material with tiny holes produces infrared rays similar to that of the sun. Now you're grill will not get as hot as the sun and you will not get a sunburn from using your grill, but you will find numerous advantages to the science behind it. The time it takes for an infrared fitted grill to reach temperature is incredibly fast. What's more is that the grill surface temperatures are far higher than what can be achieved with gas alone. On top of that the heat transfer is far more efficient. Partial burner configuration is a personal preference as I like to have a choice of burners. A full on infrared grill is in no way detrimental.

There is a word of caution here. There are some grills which claim to be infrared but are not. For instance the Char-Broil Red series. Real infrared burners are made of ceramic. Be careful not to fall for this common mistake. That is why I often refer to trusted comparison sites for information.

Quality Construction

These grills are heavy, well designed and the parts are well fitted. This does not necessarily translate to ease of construction. Emphasis is put on stability and longevity not whether you'll be handy with a wrench. I often tell people who purchase high quality grills to be sure that they have someone who is handy enough for the job. Otherwise, hire a professional to do it.

The Fire Magic Echelon in Action

Multiple Burner Configurations

The best gas grills allow you to position your food on the grill in multiple ways. While 3 or 4 single columns of burners work most of the time, a slab of ribs will quickly pose a problem. A really good barbecue will let you lay a slab of ribs down and cook those ribs with indirect heat or really low heat while you blacken chicken or sear steaks on the same grilling surface. This is a huge time saver and meal improver as all of the food can be ready at once. This allows your guests to pick and choose what they want to eat from the spread you lay out while. You can spend more time with your friends and less time with your grill. (though I don't mind spending time with my grill) This may be the single most important factor of the grill you choose.

Double Walled Well Fitted Hoods

The double walled hoods on good gas grills turn your gas grill into a high temperature oven. This means that you not only can use your grill to roast meats but you can also bake. Just add some hearth stones or tiles or a large pizza stone and bake hearth style breads and Neopolitan style (brick-oven) Pizzas. Remember that good Pizza ovens that reach these high temperatures cost over $2,000.00 alone.

High BTUs

Yes this is what many novices look at and for good reason. While it is true that excessive BTUs are not only unnecessary but can also be wasteful. It is also true that no good grill is under powered. More is better as you can always turn it down. You cannot add BTUs.


It may not be possible to find all of these in a grill that fits your budget. I have laid the characteristics out in order of importance to me but that is ultimately a personal choice. Given this information you should be well on your way to deciding which grill is best for you. Happy grilling!


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