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Top 5 Cooking Appliances Everyone Should Have

Updated on January 4, 2021
MattMack profile image

Matt has been baking for 15 years and cooks delicious dinners for his family of 5. Endless trial and error has resulted in fabulous recipes.


With more small appliances than ever before it can get confusing and expensive when purchasing a new toy for your kitchen. Whether it blends, chops, frys, boils, grills or browns it is always fun getting a new kitchen appliance to test out and master. These appliances are a must have in my kitchen and I am willing to bet many of you would have more fun in the kitchen if you have some of these appliances at your disposal.

#5 - Blow Torch

Starting off is probably the most rare item in a home kitchen yet they are always in commercial kitchens. A torch is a gigantic help in the kitchen and it's not just for crème brule. A torch can help perfectly sear your steak or give a wonderful char on vegetables. Partner this tool with our #1 appliance for a perfectly cooked steak or roast everytime!

#4 - Electric Grill

If you live in a cold climate you would understand the pain and sadness that I feel when the BBQ season is over. Putting that cover up is like saying goodbye to a good friend but it does not need to be the end of grilled food all winter. With an electric grill you can continue to grill your favorite foods all throughout the cold winter season. Not only does the electric grill keep you grilling it also produces better tasting meat than pan frying. A pan fried hamburger or steak can't hold a candle to a nicely grilled piece of meat.

#3 - Air Fryer

Air fryers are much more convenient than people give them credit for. Air fryers use a fan to circulate the air around the internal basket so everything cooks so much quicker and better. Because it uses a fan it is a convection oven which helps decrease cooking time. Air fryers are also handy for quickly heating up a small side dish or small meal. Instead of preheating the large oven for a small plate of fries you can simply toss them in the air fryer. The fries will come out crispier and faster than in a traditional oven.

#2 - Pressure Cooker

Getting my instant pot might have been the biggest game changer in my kitchen. It not only cooks food quickly and perfectly it also frees up space in your cupboards. You can use a pressure cooker to act as a slow cooker and rice cooker which is super convenient. My favorite recipe that I cook with my pressure cooker has to be shredded chicken. Simply put the chicken breasts in the pot with some broth and turn up the pressure. Once its done the chicken is so tender and can just be pulled apart with a fork to put onto a bun with some BBQ sauce. So delicious and so easy!

#1 - Sous Vide

The sous vide is one of the newest products to hit the mainstream market. So many home chefs are now experiencing the joys of cooking the best meats possible and it is thanks to this wonderful machine. If you do not already have a sous vide I highly recommend you pick one up as soon as you can. Not only does it make the most tender meats you have ever tried it also makes cooking easier and more fun. You can have your meat cooking and never worry if it will overcook since the meat will never get hotter than the water around it. If you don't have one yet, get one. If you already have one, stop reading this and go make some delicious food!

If you haven't checked out my other article about the top 5 common mistakes that people make with their sous vides you can find it here.


While there are many small appliances that come in handy in the kitchen this list covers some of the best. From pressure cookers to sous vide, air fryers to torches, everyone can have fun and cook their best meals with these awesome appliances.


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    • lemonkerdz profile image


      2 weeks ago from LIMA, PERU

      Thanks for your article matt. I have most of those tools and love every one of them. My latest toy which is great for many baking/cooking projects is the Mockmill 100


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