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Top 5 States Drinking The Most Beer- Did Your State Make The List?

Updated on February 19, 2018

New Hampshire, comes in # 1 on the list probably due to the fact that the state has no sales tax, and is is a popular place for out of staters to purchase beer. Added together with their instate drinkers it placed first in the U.S.
Annual per capita consumption: 41.7 gallons of beer

#2. Montana- which has a very low tax rate as do most of the states on our list, is a main reason for the higher beer consumption among its residents and its high rating. Montana also has a driving fatality rate of 46%, second nationwide.
Annual per capita consumption: 39.1 gallons of beer

#3. South Dakota- where beer consumption has increased from the previous year. This state is the only one on the list where beer drinking has gone up. Beer consumption is more common in states with large rural populations.
Annual per capita consumption: 38.6 gallons of beer

#4. North Dakota- has an issue with adults residents abusing beer. About one-quarter of adults report drinking excessively which explains the state leading the nation in beer consumption just a few years ago.
Annual per capita consumption: 38.6 gallons of beer

#5. Wisconsin- has many breweries in the state and beer is a big part of their culture. Many legendary brands of brew came from Milwaukee, including Pabst and Miller. This fact may have impacted the amount of beer consumption found in the state.

Annual per capita consumption: 35.5 gallons of beer

Here are some other states rounding out the top nine with large beer consumption:
6. Vermont

7. Nebraska

8. Maine

9. Nevada

Seems that the amount of excise tax a state puts on beer is a major contributing factor on consumption. The lower state excise tax (below the national average) the greater possibility a state will wind up on this list. The other factor also seems to be location. Rural states tend to consume more beer as 8 of the 9 top state consumers made the list.

Source- 24/7 Wall St./


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