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Top 5 Ways to Barbeque

Updated on July 3, 2012

Well, the kids are out of school and the weather sure did get hot fast! Where did springtime go? Anyway, when the weather gets hot, my mind fast forwards to barbeques! Oh, I can smell those hamburgers and hot dogs cooking now can’t you? Let me ask you a question: how many different ways do you know to barbeque those steaks, burgers and dogs? I have done a little research – some of which tasted REALLY good – and I found the top 5 ways to barbeque. Come along with me while we discuss what I found out.

Gas Grilling

This top 5 way to barbeque is probably the first one most of us think about. While your wife prepares those burgers and dogs for grilling, you guys have the responsibility to wheel out that two-wheeled portable stove on to the patio or driveway and get ‘er fired up to cook. Most of the gas grills we see on the market today can rival any kitchen cooking appliance known to man. They are designed with two or three burners to allow you to cook more food at one time and this even allows you to cook some food items at different temperatures than others. And, then you have that handy outside burner that your wife always wants you to use for the corn on the cob water pot. We must not forget the warming chamber. What would we do without being able to warm or toast the buns that will nestle those juicy burgers and darkly browned hot dogs? These trendy portable gas appliances can range in price from the $100 very basic unit to the $1,000+ designer unit that comes with its own grill chef! But seriously, gas grills are a great way to grill meats and veggies during the warm weather months. Everyone loves a barbeque and they always bring their appetites!

Charcoal Grilling

This top 5 type of grilling really brings back the memories of when we were kids and we sat around and giggled while Dad struggled to get the always-damp charcoal to fire up. I’m sure you can remember some choice comments that you eventually heard pass your father’s lips after 30 to 45 minutes of unsuccessfully coaxing that grill! It seemed like we always used a whole bottle of charcoal lighter fluid and at least half of the Sunday newspaper before the coals would catch fire. And then when they did catch, what a sight it was to behold as you watched Dad stare at the wildly leaping flames in total disbelief. He had worked so hard trying to get the grill started that he was numb! Then when the flames would finally die down, everyone watched faithfully for those little gray-white edges to appear on the coals, signaling that it was FINALLY ready for the food. Even though those were funny and sometimes frustrating memories, the end result was always so worth the effort. Those burgers and hot dogs and, sometimes even brats, were so yummy and juicy. The hot dogs were always darker than you wanted them but that was so much a part of the total grilling experience. Ahhhh, the memories roll on and on…

Smoker Grilling

This top 5 way to barbeque is relatively new for some areas. I’m sure, if you’re like me, when you think or hear about smoker grilling you think “Webber”. I’m sure there are other companies who make the type of grills, but we’ll probably always think “Webber” first like we think “Kleenex” when we think of facial tissue. The way this type of grilling is done is to slowly roast the food to a delicious and juicy perfection. There is a “smoky” flavor involved that is the result of specific types of wood chips being used to create the smoke and slow heat to cook the food. This type of grilling can also be used for cooking veggies as well as meat and the resulting taste and texture will thrill your taste buds for sure. Dad can start this grill early in the day and pretty much forget it until almost dinner time. Do you remember the smoke that we always seemed to have when we used the charcoal grill? Well, that smoke is the whole point in this top 5 barbeque method! You really haven’t lived until you have tasted ribs, chicken or beef smoked to juicy perfection by a skilled smoker grill chef. Oh yeah, you might want to grab a few more napkins to catch that juice that is dripping off your chin…

Campfire Grilling

This top 5 grilling method is about as basic as it gets. This method has been around ever since man learned how to make fire and figured out that it could be used to change the flavor and texture of the raw meat and veggies he was eating. Of course, we have adapted the first campfire grillers technique a bit over the centuries, but it remains the oldest and most basic way to cook your food. I know there are some campers out there who have cooked many a meal and brewed many a pot of coffee over a campfire over the years and are probably still doing it today. It is so exhilarating to awaken in the morning to the sound of birds singing and smell the coffee brewing because your spouse got up first and put it on to brew Sipping your morning coffee surrounded by God’s beautiful natural setting can be quite an unforgettable feeling. Breakfast prepared over a campfire is like none you have ever experienced. The fresh air and sunshine seems to increase everyone’s appetite and appreciation of the meals prepared over the campfire. This top 5 way to barbeque is certainly one that works more than just your sense of taste – your sense of smell will tell you that bacon is cooking, your hearing will allow you to be entertained by the birds singing and your eyes will behold the beauty in nature that surrounds you. This is a total sensual experience!

Wood Burning Fire Pits

This top 5 grilling method combines the campfire experience with the ability to enjoy the same tastes, smells and textures at home. Wood burning fire pits are becoming more popular as they are safer to use than the standard open campfire in your backyard. Have you ever roasted marshmallows over an open fire? Or have you ever cooked little “camp pies” over the open fire? These are experiences that really can’t be duplicated by gas grilling, charcoal grilling or smoker grilling. The kid in all of us will love it always.

So, I have taken you from the pre-historic age of man right up to the super tech world that we live in today. Which of these top 5 ways to barbeque will be your next experience?


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