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Top 50 Snacks and Foods for Dipping and Dunking

Updated on September 14, 2015
Lip smacking Avocado dip
Lip smacking Avocado dip | Source

Call me a serial dunker, well, I am. I like to dip and dunk certain food and snacks. The feeling of sitting on a couch after a tired day’s work and dipping a snack in a hot beverage is almost like divine intervention. I guess many of us have dunked snacks in milk or hot chocolate as children, and many of us continue with the tradition of dunking. Furthermore we dip and dunk snacks and foods in dips, sauce, ranch dressings, gravies, curries, and chutneys. Every individual has their favorite snack to dunk. My grandma had lost almost all her teeth by age 90. Well, she used to wear dentures; however whenever she would have a hot beverage she used to remove her dentures and have her dunk snacks. She used to dip Marie biscuits in a hot cup of tea, and also love to dunk her buttered toast bread in hot potato gravy. She couldn’t bite well at her age and enjoyed the softness of soggy food in her mouth.

Many individuals with few teeth or without teeth love to dunk or dip their snacks. When the food or snack gets soggy after few dips in a hot beverage it becomes easy for individuals without teeth to eat. It’s not just individuals without teeth that like to dunk snacks, well; everybody has their fun dunking snacks. There are no rules about dunking and dipping with snacks. You can dunk or dip snacks the way you like. However, if you dip a biscuit or cookie for long you are likely to hear the ‘plop’ sound in your glass, cup, or mug. Dunk a biscuit or cookie too many times and you will see the soggy portion fall into your beverage. Removing the soggy mess from your beverage can be quite a task, and so when you dip crispy snacks, few dips are sufficient to transform the snack into a soggy delight.

Below is a list of snacks and foods that taste awesome when dunked or dipped

Nacho dip
Nacho dip | Source

Top 50 Dip and Dunk food and snacks

1. Biscuits- Dunk these in any hot beverage, tastes awesome

2. Cookies- These taste divine when dunked in milk or hot chocolate.

3. Rusk- This one’s a treat with any hot beverage.

4. French Fries- These taste incredible when dipped in ketchup or sauce

5. Onion Rings- There’s a lot you can dip onion ring into, of all the things I’ve dipped these in, I’ve loved them with salsa sauce variations.

6. Cheese Crisps- Try cheese crisps with a blueberry dip, a theatrical and incredible combination in every sense.

7. Crispy boneless chicken- You should dip crispy boneless chicken in a bowl of hot and sweet chilli sauce.

8. Nachos- A creamy cheese-mustard dip with nachos is like a dream.

9. Potato Chips- It may sound weird combo. But unless you dip plain salted chips in sweet red wine you will never really know. This is a combination that should be tried before you die.

10. Celery Sticks- Celery Sticks dipped in an onion dip, its sheer poetry in motion.

Waffles and all the good things
Waffles and all the good things | Source

11. Corn Chips- Dip corn chips in a mustard-tomato sauce, you will be surprised.

12. Biscotti- Biscotti dunked in coffee; this combination is rock n roll.

13. Fried Bananas- Fried Bananas in a chocolate dip is yummy.

13. Grilled Cheese- While grilled cheese dipped in most soups taste awesome, however, when you have grilled cheese with tomato and basil soup, it’s another dimension for taste buds.

14. Waffles- Waffles dipped in maple syrup is a must have.

15. Banana Pancakes- If you want to take sweetness to soaring heights, dunk your banana pancake in bowl of honey.

16. Bread- Dipping bread in gravies and curries is tradition in many homes, and yes, it tastes awesome. Furthermore different types of bread also taste incredible with various dips.

17. Crispy Bacon- You would probably…rob, kill, or steal somebody for a large plate of crispy bacon strips with ranch dressing.

18. Breadsticks- This cracker stick takes the throne of versatility. You can have breadsticks with almost anything, a soup, gravy, curry, or a dip.

20. Grilled Sandwiches- If you thought dipping and dunking grilled sandwiches was a bad idea, you ought to go the distance dipping your grilled sandwich in potato gravy. This combination gives bliss new meaning.

Barbecued Chicken Wings
Barbecued Chicken Wings | Source

21. Potato Wedges- You can go with ketchup or with a mayonnaise-cheese dip, either way potato wedges taste incredible.

22. Samosa- When you dip samosa in thick tamarind chutney and take a bite, you close your eyes and experience the explosion of flavors.

23. Pizza- This might sound a weird combination, but truth is leftover pizza tastes awesome with a garlic ranch dressing.

24. Crispy Chicken Wings- There are a variety of dips and sauces you can opt for when you go with crispy chicken wings, a favorite though is homemade barbecue sauce.

25. Pretzels- Dip pretzels in a honey-mustard sauce and you will be see things in new light.

26. Kebabs- Kebabs… dipped in mint chutney… there’s nothing left to be said about this combination, it’s magical.

27. Spring Rolls- Spring rolls with a garlic-ginger dipping sauce… amazing.

28. Crispy Fried Prawns- You have got to try crispy fried prawns dipped in BBQ tamarind sauce… an utterly flawless combination.

29. Pakoras- Different kind of pakoras are made in South East Asia, India in particular, and every variety of pakora tastes incredible with mint chutney or tamarind chutney.

30. Buttered Toast Bread- The humble buttered toast bread can be dipped and dunked in dips, gravies, soups or curies, tastes awesome.

Pani Puri and tangy tamarind water
Pani Puri and tangy tamarind water | Source

31. Naan/Parathas/Rotis- You can dip and dunk these in almost any gravy or curry, and yes they are incredibly tasty.

32. Fried Baby Corn- Another dunkable favorite is crispy fried baby corn. Onion dip, cheese dip, salsa sauce, barbecue sauce, it goes well with every dip/sauce.

33. Cream Cracker- This savory biscuit must be dipped in a bowl of creamy cheese and onion dip.

34. Pork Dumplings- Pork dumplings and dipping sauce is a classic.

35. Pani Puri- An essential Indian Chaat snack is pani puri. The tamarind water adds the zing thing to this dish.

36. Fried Apple Slices- Fried apple slice with a mint and honey dip is heavenly.

37. Wonton Mozzarella Sticks- If you love poetic snacks dip and dunk wonton mozzarella sticks in a ketchup-mustard sauce dip.

38. Fried Chicken Fingers- Fried chicken fingers dipped in a honey-mustard sauce is a classic.

39. Fried Green Beans- Crispy fried green beans taste awesome with a yogurt-mustard dip.

40. Zucchini Tots- It doesn’t get better with zucchini tots and salsa sauce.

Idli and Medu Vada- A perfect combo
Idli and Medu Vada- A perfect combo | Source

41. Crispy cinnamon Rolls- These taste incredible with a spicy yogurt dip.

42. Crispy Spinach- Crispy spinach dipped in an avocado dip or yogurt dip tastes awesome.

43. Idli and Medu Vada- Idli and medu vada are Indian snacks that taste incredible when dipped or dunked in sambhar or coconut chutney.

44. Fruit Cake- When nobody is looking dunk you slice of fruit cake in a sweet red wine or chocolate liqueur and take a bite. The eruption of fruity flavors in the mouth is poetic.

45. Cornbread- A classic from the days gone by is cornbread with buttermilk or more so a ranch dressing, every bite is delightful.

46. Fried Chicken Nuggets- Fried chicken nuggets with barbecued mushroom sauce… an excellent combination.

47. Sweet Potato Fries- When you dip and dunk sweet potato cheese in a blue ranch dressing, you become a slave to the taste.

48. Crispy Pizza Crust- Crispy pizza crust tastes incredible when dipped in hot potato gravy or a creamy yogurt and cheese based dip.

49. Batter Fried Calamari- Dip your batter fried calamari rings in a yogurt-mayo-cheese dip.

50. Fried Ravioli- Fried Ravioli tastes incredible with pasta sauce; however you should try fried ravioli with marinara dipping sauce.

What do you dunk or dip your foods and snacks in?


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    • Ansel Pereira profile imageAUTHOR

      Ansel Pereira 

      5 years ago

      Hi peachpurple - Some combos do sound weird, but they taste great.

    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Some weird dippings but glad to learn from ya


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