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Top 7 Myths About Beer of All Time

Updated on February 15, 2013

You might think being a regular beer drinker you may know all that there is about the refreshing alcoholic beverage however there are quite a few misunderstandings surrounding the foaming golden elixir you may not be aware of. Beer is the preferred drink of many and is brewed from yeast fermented grains that are malt flavoured with added hops. Here are some amazing facts about beer that break the myths surrounding your favourite after hours drink that will make you appreciate that cold pint even more.

The Beer belly

We have all heard of it and secretly fear as we sip our Guinness or Heineken, fearing an oversized rounded gut that some affectionately call a one pack. Beer has long thought to be responsible for oversized bellies and protruding paunches but is there anything stuffing behind this belief. Scientist say this belief is an invention and that there is no link between a jolly oversized belly and beer intake. For those enjoy their beer and are figure conscious, this is great news. Beer in moderation has a limited fat content and no physical side effects.

Dark vs Light

For the health conscious beer drinker, it is believed that dark beer has greater calories and more alcohol than light beer. This however is not true and is a common misconception. Beer brewers say that darker beer has fewer calories and lesser alcohol content than lighter beers.

Expensive Beer is always better.

The taste of beer depends on more than just the price tag you pay for your pint and expensive beer need not always be better. The taste of beer depends on the recipe of grains for fermentation, the brewing expertise of the beer manufacturer and of course hops and has nothing to do with what you pay. Besides everyone has an individual preference when it comes to taste and who is to say which beer is better?

The difference between ale and Lager

Contorted beer heads have derived many explanations for the concoction of ale and lager. One of the commonly believed fermenting procedures is that ale is bottom brewed and lager is top brewed. This is however far from the truth, and the difference is in the fermenting recipe and not in the strata of keg brewing. Lager is usually brewed for longer and the taste varies due to the ingredients used and the type and amount of hops and malt.

Drinking a Pint before bed helps with sleep

If you are someone who believes that a drink before bed can help you catch Z’s then you are mistaken. Beer after it is consumed before bed takes time to metabolize so you will get a sound rest for the first few hours. However after your body is done metabolizing you can expect insomnia, night sweats, nightmares and headaches which can get in the way of your bed routine.

There’s no cure for a Beer hangover

I’m not sure where you picked this story up from but if you are someone who believes that there is no cure for a hangover , be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. Your needs sufficient hydration and Protein to break down into amino acids. For this reason the best cure for a hangover is a tall glass of cold water and a fried egg with toast or maybe a bacon sandwich for protein.

Beer contains Cholesterol

Here is great news for beer drinkers who are trying to watch their cholesterol levels: Beer does not contain much cholesterol. Beer is majorly fat and cholesterol free and so is not as harmful to your health as say an aerated cold drink. Beer should however be consumed in moderation for you to enjoy the health benefits and a latest study shows that controlled beer consumption can reduce calories.


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    • tonymead60 profile image

      Tony Mead 

      5 years ago from Yorkshire

      AS someone who enjoys beer, in moderation of course I found this hub very interesting. One thing you missed from the taste influences is the source of the water. Tetley Beer is a great favourite in UK, and it used to be very easy to distinguish between the beer brewed in Leeds and the beer brewed in Sheffield simply by the taste. Beer brewed in S Yorks has hard water whilst beers brewed in W Yorks have very soft water. Sadly it is no longer brewed in Leeds.



    • profile image

      Yaamini Radhakrishnan 

      5 years ago

      All the beer lovers, please read this :-)


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