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Top Five Cafes in Cambridge

Updated on October 10, 2015

The is no shortage of unique and attractive places to get a coffee in Cambridge.

There is plenty to see in Cambridge and after you’ve punted down the Cam and toured the colleges you’ll need some refreshment. Luckily Cambridge is full of independent cafes each with its unique character and range of delicious wares.

Stop for a coffee whilst taking in the sights.
Stop for a coffee whilst taking in the sights.

Indigo Coffee House

Tucked away in St Edward’s Passage just opposite King’s College this cosy cafe offers friendly service and delicious coffee and cakes. If there is no room on the ground floor try upstairs and be inundated with info on what’s on in Cambridge by the array of posters covering the wall alongside the staircase.

8 St Edward’s Passage


Clowns Cafe and Restaurant

You can enjoy a quick coffee or have a three course meal at this spacious Italian cafe and restaurant. Bursting with character and flavour, the walls are plastered with brightly coloured clown pictures and dolls. Best avoided if you suffer coulrophobia, otherwise unmissable!

54 King Street

The Black Cat Cafe

There are friendly, stylish cafes every few yards on Mill Road which is renowned for its cultural diversity and independent retailers. The Black Cat is a firm favourite with locals. With a friendly atmosphere and local art exhibitions it offers the best in cafe culture. It is best known for its irresistible cakes which you can find recipes for on its website.

2 The Broadway
Mill Road

Hot Numbers

When it opened in 2011 Hot Numbers became an instant social hub for the local area. It’s the sort of place where you can find yourself striking up a conversation with the stranger sat next to you. It is usually packed so it’s just as well they’ve knocked the wall through to join with the art gallery next door. Now you can enjoy quality art and conversation and of course coffee, and this is no ordinary coffee. The cafe selects the finest beans and has its own micro-roastery allowing them to experiment and produce the best flavour possible. The rich flavours are like nothing you will taste in an instant or coffee from high street chain.
The cafe serves sandwiches and cakes including world famous Chelsea buns from Fitzbillies. They also host regular live events usually on a Thursday night. See the website for information.

Unit 6, Dales Brewery,
Gwydir Street, Cambridge

There is now a second branch near the town centre at 4 Trumpington Road.


The Box Cafe

It’s easy to miss The Box Cafe, located just through a gate off Norfolk Street. Once you’ve found it you’ll surely come back. The spacious cafe is run by friendly Turkish owner Ozi. Along with a full range of drink options there is an extensive food menu offering sandwiches, standard English dishes and Turkish specialities including pidé, Turkish pizza. Deserts include tempting cake and baklava - cakes of pastry and pistachio soaked in syrup. The prices are extremely reasonable for a city centre location with a main meal costing well under £10.

47 Norfolk Street


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A markerThe Box Cafe -
47 Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1, UK
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B markerHot Numbers -
Unit 6, Dales Brewery, Gwydir Street, Cambridge CB1 2LJ
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C markerBlack Cat Cafe -
2 The Broadway, Mill Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB1, UK
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D markerClowns Restaurant and Cafe -
54 King Street, Cambridge CB1 1LN, UK
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E markerIndigo Cafe -
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB2 3PJ, UK
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