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Top Five Gluten Free Snack Foods

Updated on September 6, 2011

Having recently being diagnosed gluten intolerant by my guts (and by a doctor after the fact,) I've recently been on a crusade to cut all gluten out of my life. It's not easy. Things made with wheat taste good. A life without gluten doesn't have to be a life devoid of tasty food however. The snacks in this article are all gluten free and tasty, if not entirely healthy. I'm not your rage fueled weight loss coach, I'm your friendly guide to foods that won't turn your innards to liquid.


Fruit is gluten free naturally, so you can eat as much of it as like. I've started the article with fruit because even though it is an obvious gluten free snack, it's also one of the healthier ones. And you should be healthy, because at the end of the day, when you're fleeing from a mountain lion, your health really is all you have.

Vegetable Sticks

Celery, carrots and other vegetables are naturally gluten free too. Cutting them up into sticks makes them snack sized in a convenient way. If plain vegetables don't tempt your tastebuds, why, try eating them with some gluten free cream based dip.


Meat doesn't contain gluten, but it's hard to carry around a T Bone as a snack. Jerky, on the other hand, is usually gluten free on account of the fact that it is made from nothing more than dried meat. It's a high protein, low sugar snack that is guaranteed to fill a hole. There's some evidence that protein based snacks are much more effective at killing hunger pangs than sugary snacks, which can actually make you more hungry in the long run.

Ice Cream

Most ice cream is gluten free, and coincidentally, awesome. Stay away from the flavors that have non ice cream elements in them, like cookies and cream and the like. It's also worth checking on the label before you go to town on a gallon of the stuff. Some people shove gluten in everywhere they can, almost as if they're trying to catch the gluten intolerant unawares.


Plain chocolate is often gluten free, and unlike other kinds of food that taste like the bland circus rode into town when you eat them plain, chocolate is one food that can truly hold its own.

Corn Chips

Plain corn chips are often gluten free (again, check the packaging before purchase). If you find them plain, try them with salsa and sour cream. Now what's plain. Nothing is plain, that's what.

Rice Cakes / Crackers

This is technically #7, which means I'm exceeding the bounds of my profile, but the gluten free would be nowhere without their rice cakes and crackers. Just make sure that the brand you buy is actually gluten free and not coated with flour based flavoring.


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