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Top Five Must-Visit Coffee Shops In Birmingham

Updated on January 7, 2016

From over-the-top coffee houses and artisan roasters, to traditional cafés and terribly dainty coffee places, Birmingham has all what is needed for your daily caffeine kick. Even restaurants in the city are beginning to act upon sourcing and serving coffee as frothy and pleasurable as their food and atmosphere. Here is a list of the best coffee shops in Birmingham for you to make a visit and enjoy the thick, milky coffee with a bite of warm and gooey brownie. Fresh beans and a pleasant aroma await you!

Faculty Coffee

Launched in 2014 by former Saint Caffe owner, Geoff Lam, one is likely to find the caffeine alchemy here as the name suggests. Its mission is to serve its “coffee classroom” with the most amazing cup of coffee and help them understand more about the coffee magic. With a lab-like interior, consisting of an exposed brick and pipework, wooden fittings and stripped background, Faculty gives a slight pop-up vibe.

With conventional desks and a coffee list including names such as Sweet Shop and Red Brick, one is likely to feel the uniqueness of the coffee concept. It also boasts a range of delectable homemade treats to complement your coffee. So basically it is a fun place offering more than just a wonderful cup of coffee!

Urban Coffee Company

Urban Coffee Company opened in 2009, setting the blueprint for the Birmingham coffee culture & initiating a trend that many followed later on. The coffee shop is operational throughout the week, a testament to its popularity and attracts all sorts of people, from sophisticated office goers to teenagers and those who just want a slice of warm cake with a cup of frothy coffee.

The double story coffee place is a thriving hive of communities, presenting a clear picture of the city’s cultural diversity. It serves its own Urban 5 espresso with fruity and chocolatey pleasure. Additionally, bowls of porridge, fresh pastries and muffins as well as perfectly decorated cakes make it an impeccable place to relax and gather one’s thoughts.

Under Pressure Espresso

Being a gem for coffee lovers, Under Pressure Espresso serves beautifully crafted coffee in a cool atmosphere. The décor and ambience add to the impeccable cup of freshly brewed coffee. The coffee bean spice rack, rustic tables and exposed brickwork and free Wi Fi attract hundreds of people every day.

The menu is simple yet perfectly fulfills all sorts of cravings. Be it espresso with or without smooth and thick steamed milk or a sweet, clean and spicy brew, just say it and get exactly what you want on your table. Besides, their remarkable selection of soft and delicious cakes, flatbread and pastries serves to be an instant mood changer.


Brewsmiths is a nice and charming neighbourhood coffee shop. It opened back in 2011 with conventional British vibes in place of hipster baristas. All praise to Andy, the owner who took charge of the business in 2014 and with her classy sense of style gave the place a stripped décor and an antipodean tendency. The friendly service, value for money, fabulous breakfast menu and of course an amazing caffeine kick, all act as a testament to its popularity.

On weekends, the place is packed with people flocking here from nearby suburbs. Here, as compared to other coffee shops, the espresso based drinks are slightly a darker roast but as wonderful as none other. For those preferring a hefty caffeine dose, a bottomless filter is also available. Moreover, buttery cakes, toasties, pancakes and fresh sandwiches are always available for your munching habits.

6/8 Kafé

This pleasant place oozes an unpretentious yet classy vibe. The excellent cup of coffee along with locally sourced crafted goods, this delightful coffee house is a trend setter in terms of coffee varieties. Its staple expresso mix, Jailbreak works amazingly with flat white and adds a fruity sweetness to it. There is a wide choice of drips and an extensive breakfast menu to complement the coffee selection.

Other snacks include a healthy supply of sweet and creamy cakes. The chocolate Guinness cake can arguably be the best to be found anywhere.

Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee in Birmingham and complement it with fresh, delectable snacks to give yourself a quick energy boost!


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great overview.

      I've been through Birmingham a few times, but you just gave me an excuse to stop and stay for a while next time.

    • peachpurple profile image


      2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i love the cakes, pastry served, and the coffee is splendid


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