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Five Top Gifts for a Coffee Geek

Updated on December 1, 2013
Your coffee loving friend is sure to appreciate a gift that will help him/her make the perfect cuppa.
Your coffee loving friend is sure to appreciate a gift that will help him/her make the perfect cuppa. | Source

Almost everybody drinks coffee and thinks that it is necessary for getting out of bed and functioning normally. There are some people, however, who are positively geeky about the beverage. They know the difference between Kenyan and Yemen beans and can recite learned texts about roasts and grinds.

If you happen to know such a coffee aficionado, and need to find a gift for them, you can should seriously consider getting them a coffee themed gift. Whether it is a piece of equipment that will help them brew the ultimate cup, special beans, or a book about coffee, your gift is bound to be appreciated.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Entry level grinder from Baratza. 40 different grind settings producing coffee from 250 microns to 1200 microns.


A Proper Grinder is Essential

It might seem strange, given the price of the Encore conic bur grinder is entry level, but these machines can be hundreds of dollars more expensive. Despite its relatively reasonable price, the Baritza is very reliable, and, with 40 different grind settings it can produce coarse coffee for a French press, or a very fine grind for an espresso.

It lacks various bows and whistles like an LED screen or a timer, but it works very well indeed, and is less loud than most other grinders.

The aero press is a simple way to make excellent coffee.
The aero press is a simple way to make excellent coffee. | Source

The Aero Press, a Cheap but Excellent Way of Brewing Coffee.

If you are looking for a cheaper present, than the aero press could fit the bill. It is a deceptively easy device. Brewing coffee involves steeping the grounds in hot water, than pushing the liquid through a micro filter by pushing the plunger through.

It is advertised as making espresso, however, it is equally good at making filter coffee. Easier to clean than a French press, this is particularly good for somebody who lives alone, since it makes a single cup so no coffee gets wasted.

Arabic Coffee and Ibrik

What better way to enjoy coffee in a truly geeky way then to prepare and drink it the way it was done centuries ago by the first coffee drinkers. Although the reviving properties of chewing the beans is supposed to have been discovered by Ethiopian peasants, the first reliable records of the beverage are from Yemen in the 15th century. The first serious coffee drinkers were Arab, they passed the habit to the Turks of the Ottoman empire, who in turn accidentally infected Europeans with the caffeine addiction, during their attempted conquest.

Arabic coffee is ground very finely, even more so than espresso. It is very strong, prepared by boiling it in a special, long handed pot known as the ibrik, or cezva, depending on the country. The coffee is flavoured with cinnamon and always sweet, it is drank out of tiny cups which are often elaborately decorated.

I have to say this is my favourite way of preparing it. The boiling (which is done repeatedly but very briefly to prevent it from becoming bitter) makes sure that the aromatic oils are released, and the cardamom really complements the taste. The brewing method also produces a fantastic layer of foam, that would make espresso green with jealousy.

Arabic coffee, the way it was first drunk when coffee became popular in Yemen
Arabic coffee, the way it was first drunk when coffee became popular in Yemen | Source

A Monthly Subscription to Excellent Coffee Beans

There is no good coffee without the right beans. Tonx sources the best beans, roasts them, then sends them out to subscribers. A great way to discover new types of coffee.


A Classic Drip Coffee Maker

There is something very satisfying about making coffee in an old fashioned way, without electric appliances. After all, all that is required to brew coffee is to steep grinds in hot water and then filter them, how is it that we have become convinced that we need modern technology to achieve that.

The Chemex coffee was included in a list of the 100 best designed products of modern times. When making coffee with it, a little bit of water can be poured to moisten the grounds, before adding the rest. This ensures that all the grounds contribute to the cup.

Coffee lovers agree that it makes delicious coffee. If you are buying a gift for somebody who prefers filtered coffee over espresso drinks, this might be the right gift for them.


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