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Top Internet Resources for Fun Family Recipes

Updated on January 19, 2014

Are you in a rut with your family's meals? Do you wish you had an endless source of new meal ideas that your family will love? Do you find yourself envious of those Mom's that come up with cute holiday themed foods. Well, worry no more, these top free sites will help solve those problems!

Kraft Recipes

Kraft recipes is an almost never ending resource for recipes. They have so many options and ways to search. The website has sections such as Budget, Time Savers, Healthy Living, Your Kids, Holidays and Entertaining, and a special section for the current holiday. They also give you the ability to search for a recipe based on the ingredients you have on hand; this can be an invaluable resource when it's 5 o'clock an you have no idea what is for dinner. You have the option of registering for their site so you can save recipes in a virtual recipe box and you can subscribe to a meal-idea delivery service where they send you recipes via e-mail on a weekly basis. This site is also a great place to find fun ideas for the current holiday.

This site offers a combination of recipes posted by real people and recipes posted by companies and professionals. The options for recipes are never ending but the most useful part of the site is that you have access to reviews that real people have written about the recipes. They also have a star rating system so you can see just how good the recipe is, or isn't. They have special holiday featured sections as well as categories such as Slow Cooker, Vegetarian, Trusted Brands and many more. Inside your own personal recipe box, you are able to save the recipes you like and attach your own reviews. Their Tools and Tips section includes invaluable cooking advice and "How To" videos.

Taste of Home

This site is an amalgamation of information from written publications such as Taste of Home, Simple and Delicious, Healthy Cooking, and Country Woman. Although some features on the site require you to have a subscription to one of their magazines, it is an excellent free resource. It includes a lot of similar benefits as other sites including virtual recipe box, special search features, reviews, and always has lots of ideas for the current holiday.


Discover the world's best recipes at Yummly. The site contains 1 million + recipes collected from all over cyber space. The recipes are basically links to other sites with recipes but you have the ability to search directly from Yummly to find the recipe you want. In addition, they offer a digital recipe box where you can save and organize the recipes you love.

You can't go wrong with any of these sites. They are my "go-to sites" for menu planning. I find that I use the virtual recipe boxes so that I can save the recipes that my family enjoys and make the dishes again in the future. I also love the special holiday recipes that they ALL offer.


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