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Top Rated French Press Coffee And Tea Maker Bundle On Amazon

Updated on September 20, 2015

Kitchen Supreme French Press

Love French Press Coffee Makers? Check out this French Press coffee and tea maker at an Amazon price and value. In this review we will be taking a look at what a french press coffee maker is and its features. Also we will review The Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker. A french press coffee maker makes use of a simple press attached to the bottom of a metal rod. The French refer to this mechanism as a "cafetiere". This is an unit that fits inside the glass coffee pot and forces the ground coffee of your choice through the hot water. This process sends the grounds of coffee to the bottom of the pot when finished brewing. As a result the coffee will rest on top fully brewed with not a single grain of coffee in your cup. A french coffee press maker is desirable for those that love a deep rich flavor in their coffee that only involves a simple quick process to achieve.

The Kitchen Supreme French Press for Coffee, Espresso, and Tea, will produce enough drink for one liter or four coffee mugs. If you are using small coffee cups expect one full pot to make twice the servings meaning you will have eight instead of four. You will also receive in the bundle one spoon, not one, but four screens for the filtering process. You will have a coffee spoon and an instruction booklet as well.

The tea press pot has more than one use. I can also be used for tea, iced tea, frothed milk, hot chocolate, fruit infusions, almond milk, cashew milk, lemonade, and more!

The Kitchen Supreme Press Coffee Maker, is made of the highest quality glass that is known as double borosilicate glass. Why is this type of glass better than others? Borosilicate glass is very heat resistant and resists thermal shocks. This glass is said to never crack. The press (infuser) posses components that are constructed of stainless steal. With these quality materials you are assured that you will not get any strange tastes in your cup of coffee or other drinks.

The company states that if anything ever happens to your French Coffee Press, they will gladly replace it without delay and at not cost to the customer.

What Customers are saying:

One customer says that she loves the french coffee maker and it only takes seconds to make superior coffee. A tip that was included; put hot water in the pot before using it. This will preheat the pot. Then pour that water out and preceded to put your coffee into the pot and put more hot water to cover the coffee grounds. You can also easily make less coffee if you do not want a full pot. It was suggested that using one tablespoon for two cups of coffee is a good ratio.

A customer that has never used a French Press Coffee maker states that she loves the coffee pot and likes the fact that the pot comes with extras such as, 4 extra wire mess filters, the spoon for measuring, as well as complete instructions on how to use the product. She added that she loved the video that was on the amazon site. The video fully explaines the entire simple process of brewing coffee in this manner.

The product is said to give amazing results even if you are a lover of "cold" coffee. The flavor is thought to be fantastic! The quality of the coffee pot unit is viewed as superb with a very rich (high quality) feel and look. As an added plus there is a quick clean up and the unit can easily and successfully be placed in the dishwasher. Several customers feel that the French Coffee press bundle that is offered would make wonderful gifts!

Customer like the fact that you have options with the product and you can make not only coffee and tea, but cocoa or hot chocolate as well. The hooked spoon is a favorite feature of most.

The The Kitchen Supreme French Press coffee maker holds the average of a 5 star review among many reviews. This makes The Kitchen Supreme French Press rank as a best seller on Amazon!


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