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Top Eight Alternative Burgers

Updated on October 24, 2017

Whether it is a vegan or meat burger, there are no options for casual burger menus. With traditional fast food items becoming popular, a number of alternative burgers are emerging everyday.

Wonder Woman Burger

Let's start the list with this superhero inspired burger.

This monstrous burger was created by a restaurant, called 'Datz' in Tampa, Florida, to celebrate the release of the movie 'Wonder Woman'. They call it 'Amazon Warrior' and features three colorful buns with cheese star tops, a tribute to Lynda Carter's costume in the 1975 TV series.

The three-tiered massive burger is stuffed with two beef patties, onions, lettuce, tomato, pickle, pineapple, and cheese. The colorful burger with delicious stuff is something to "juxtapose the gritty-yet-modern warrior/athlete feeling of the new movie with the iconic, Lynda Carter-Wonder Woman TV version.", according to the chef Joe Rivera.


The Blue Hamburger

This is another unique and never seen before fast food item to celebrate the closing of a famous restaurant Colette. The limited edition farewell burger has two versions. The first comes with honey mustard, iceberg lettuce, and eighteen months old Somerset cheddar. The second is stuffed with caramelized-onion compote and blue cheese, melted Emmentaler, garlic mayo, and spinach.

Available since September and they will be served until December 20, the day Colette will be closed officially forever.


Black Coconut Ice Cream Burger

Looks weird, but this one-of-a-kind item was sold by a famous restaurant in London. Pear Tree Café is a well-known eatery for serving fresh seasonal dishes and its weekly menu offers some best options available in the city.

This year in August the restaurant offered a very special burger item with a weird twist. The complete black burger is made up of toasted black brioche loaded with British ice cream brand Jude’s black coconut ice cream made of coconut milk and ash. The £6 burger is also stuffed with freshly sliced mango and coconut curls.


Insect Infused Burgers

Insects are believed to be a good source of protein and also rich in fat. Maybe this is the sole reason Essento is introducing a very special burger in Switzerland. It will be the first country in Europe to authorize the sale of insect-based food items for humans. The insects will be bred and raised under strict regulations to ensure they are appropriate for human consumption.

The burger also contains rice, celery, leek and rüebli, as well as spices like oregano and chili to make it tastier.


Zombie Burgers

In 2016 Burger King Singapore launched two very special burgers on Halloween. These spooky burgers were named Zom-B burgers. The burger featured black buns baked with black pepper.

The Zoom-B burgers had two different varieties, Pepper Beef Zom-B and Pepper Tendergrill Chicken Zom-B. The burgers were loaded with crispy turkey bacon, tomato, lettuce and chicken thigh, and they are all served on a black pepper bun.

Hope this year also Burger King Singapore will come with a special Halloween theme to give a new twist on the fast food item.


X-Men Inspired Burger

Inspired by X-Men characters Mystique and Nightcrawler, Australian eatery Ribs & Burgers made limited edition chicken burgers in 2016, especially for X-Men fans. The bright blue burgers were promotional items for the release of X-Men: Apocalypse on Blu-Ray. The burger featured triple chili chicken, lettuce, tomato and blue cheese.


Deep Fried Frog Burger

Yokohama based cafe Orbi Yokohama is a well-known restaurant for serving bizarre burgers. In 2015, the cafe introduced a very special burger menu to its customers. The unusual burger celebrates the Deadly Poison Exhibition, where twenty-five different species of poisonous animals from around the world were exhibited.

The Frog Burger, as they named it, features black buns stuffed with deep-fried frog legs and vegetables. For those who find it unappealing, Orbi Yokohama has more unique burgers to offer.


The Donut Burger

The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square offered a very unique and special burger in honor of National Donut Day 2017. The mouthwatering item is a special combination of sweet and savory to satisfy your needs.

Created in collaboration with Entenmann's Bakery, the cafe offered two delicious donut burgers served on doughnut buns. The first the Glazed Donut Breakfast Burger features two moist and sweet donuts stuffed with cheddar cheese, an over easy egg and bacon. The second is the Sweet and Spicy Donut Burger consists of two chocolate frosted doughnuts stuffed with a four-ounce burger patty, grilled pineapple, jalapeno salsa and bacon.


Make burgers at home

Have you tried any of these burgers?

Have you tried something unique and bizarre? This simple food item can be made at home by adding something extra to the recipe and your unique creativity will add something special to dining experiences and


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