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Top Ten Off-Menu Delights at Your Local Dairy Queen

Updated on June 2, 2011

From the perspective of a customer and an employee, it can often be confusing and frustrating to go to a restaurant and not know exactly what your options are. I can stand, staring at the menu for what seems an eternity and still not make up my mind. I'll walk in knowing exactly what I wanted, but for some reason, as I look the menu over again and again it just doesn't seem to be there. Sound familiar? I've been an employee of the local Dairy Queen for nearly five years now, and I'm the first to admit that, sometimes, it's confusing for even me. The first time someone walked in asking for an ice-cream soda or a "Jack and Jill" sundae, I just had no idea what they wanted. Now, though, I think it's safe to consider myself a seasoned veteran of off-menu treats. Take it from a pro, there are quite a few things you're missing out on if you haven't delved past the menus of the fast food world. So, from me to you, these are the best off-menu treats to satisfy even the most discerning taste-buds during the long, hot months of summer.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Blizzard

Chances are, your server will probably have never even heard of this item (Do yourself a favor--ask a manager or just tell your server what it is). In all honesty, I can't even remember where I learned to make this blizzard or if it was ever even a legitimate flavor. Regardless, nothing can change the fact that it is simply delicious. You can even choose the flavor of your "jelly" to a moderate degree (most Dairy Queens have raspberry and strawberry toppings). Pie pieces, peanut butter, and your choise of fruit topping blended with vanilla soft serve might not be the most sophisticated ice cream treat, but it undeniably satisifies the kid in all of us.

Chocolate Chip Sundae
Chocolate Chip Sundae | Source

Chocolate Chip Sundae

What I believe to be one of the simplest pleasures at Dairy Queen in the chocolate chip sundae. The topping is the same stuff that they dip the dipped cones in, so what you'll end up with is a dish of ice cream, covered with a hard chocolate shell. Not only are these treats yummy, they're one of the most affordable items in the restaurant. Even better, you have options! The shell coating comes in cherry and butterscotch also, and you can mix it up with chocolate or twist ice cream.

Mint Shake

Perfect for a hot afternoon, the mint shake is an unlisted flavor, but a fantastic one. If you've ever had a shamrock shake from McDonald's, they're pretty similar. Served with whipped cream and a marachino cherry on top, it even LOOKS refreshing.  Fun fact: green is the most relaxing color because it's the only one your eyes doesn't have to reconfigure for you to see it.  Seriously, look it up!

Pecan Mudslide

 For those with more mature tastes, there is the newly off-menu pecan mudslide.  Similar to the extremely popular peanut buster parfait, the mudslide has caramel, hot fudge, and pecans laced throughout layers of vanilla soft serve.  While it might not be the best treat if you need to cool off, it's definitely one of the best off-menu items there is.  My dad even loves them!

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

 Most people are completely unaware that Dairy Queen has smoothies, because technically, we don't.  But, if you ask nicely enough, most employees will be more than happy to mix something up.  There's even a lactose-free alternative that's mixed with crush ice for those with milk-allergies.  And, if strawberry banana doesn't appeal to you, there are also cherry, raspberry, blueberry, and pineapple toppings to mix things up.

Blue Raspberry Freeze

 An arctic rush is basically a slushy and a freeze is a slushy blended with ice cream.  The product is delicious--a little fruity, a little sweet, and a little tart (not to mention the amazing texture).  Kids love the color, everybody loves the taste.

Starkiss Bars
Starkiss Bars | Source

Red, White, & Blue Starkiss

This novelty treat is one of the cheapest things on the menu and, conveniently, one of the most portable. The red, white, and blue colors, are cherry, watermelon, and blue raspberry flavored, respectively (the treat also comes in just cherry-flavored). The Starkiss treats come on a stick and can also be bought in take-home six-packs. They also happen to be the only treats that are lactose-free without special request.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

 For the chocoholics, the frozen hot chocolate is the perfect summertime treat.  Cocoa fudge (which is basically a dark chocolate sauce) and slushy base are blended with vanilla soft-serve to create a treat-beverage hybrid that satisfies even the most intense chocolate craving without feeling too "heavy" for a hot day.

Triple Chocolate Utopia
Triple Chocolate Utopia | Source

Triple Chocolate Utopia

Another one for the chocolate-lovers, the Triple Chocolate Utopia is similar to the Peanut Buster Parfait and the Pecan Mudslide (in other words, it has toppings and candies layered throughout the ice cream).  This treat has layers of chewy brownie pieces, chocolate chunks, and cocoa fudge (again, dark chocolate fudge) laced with vanilla ice cream in a sundae dish.  The vanilla ice cream is enough to keep all that chocolate from being over-whelming and makes this treat decadent and nearly irresistible.

Mudslide Blizzard

Finally, I couldn't leave out the coffee-lovers--who are sure to appreciate the Mudslide Blizzard. Creamy vanilla soft-serve blended with Columbian coffee concentrate and cocoa fudge creates a blizzard that is great for a quick pick-me-up. The addition of Oreos gives the treat a unique texture that takes it from ho-hum to an indulgent ice cream delight.


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    • SRae profile image

      Shelia Wadsworth 

      6 years ago from Central Pennsylvania

      I want the mudslide blizzard! I hope i remember to ask for it when our local DQ reopens! Thank you for the "inside scoop" : )


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