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Top Ten Restuarants near Auburn Hills, MI

Updated on August 10, 2011

Top 10 Places to Eat in Michigan

Allright folks, here we go :)


- Coming in at Number 10, would have to be Chili's... Chili's is a great place to eat and it is not very expensive either. I usually get the Fajita Trio which included deliciously grilled peppers, onions, steak, chicken, and shrimp, all for around $16.00 which is a good price for the portion of food you get in the fajita. Or, you can just get one of the three and It will only be around $9.99


- Nine is going to be Logans Roadhouse... Now, this restaurant WOULD be a lot closer to the #1 seat if they weren't sooo expensive... This restaurant's food is absolutely wonderful, it just is way to overpriced for a roadhouse.

#8 Papa Vino's is a great restaurant if you like the Italian side haha, they have some wonderful dishes including a to-die-for Shrimp and Pasta dish :)

#7 Panera Bread is a great little place if you are in the mood for the kind of food that isn't fancy, but it is dressed up to be fancy, yet still reasonably priced. Like instead of a regular bowl, they give you a bowl made out of bread to put the incredible Brocolli-Cheese soup in :)

#6 The Wooden Eagle close to downtown Lake Orion is the perfect place for pizza... Nuff said ;)

#5 Olive Garden is my 2nd top pick for Italian cooking haha, they have so many things that are delicious, but I think my favorite is the Mixed Grill a little price at around $18.00 but it is a big portion of Chicken, Steak, and different types of grilled squash. They also have my 2nd favorite bread, and my 1st favorite salad haha

#4 Okay, now Im going to have to say that Kruse and Muer is #4, JUST because they have bread that that would be the only reason that you go there for haha

#3 The Red Coat Tavern in Birmingham has the best burger I have EVER, EVER, EVER.. had in my whole life... It is just a big, juicy, cut of Heaven lol

#2 My 2nd Favorite restaurant is Longhorns located near Great Lakes Crossing in the shopping center with Kohl's and Joe's Crab Shack... They are closer to upscale ( ewualing more expensive lol) but they have the BEST shrimp you will ever get other than paying $30.00 for a skewer of the finest at some Japanese place lol

#1 This is hands down... Bravo located at The Village (the one with Parisian and Mitchel's Fish Market) Bravo has the best meal I have ever tasted... It is a grilled marinated steak with get this, grilled vegetables, broasted potatoes, and a skewer of amazing shrimp that is marinated in a kind of Tomato sautee haha, Mmmmmmm

Well Thanks for reading and please help me out by just clicking of the Google Ads on the side, I would really appreciate it Thanks :)



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