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Top ten fine wines to order ...a morons guide

Updated on August 16, 2014


Let's face it,not all of us indulge or even like ( or have the pallet for as the snobs say) one of histories most prominently consumed decomposing fruit.I can bet you that at least once in your life the need to celebrate or occasion arises where one needs to pop the preverbial bottle of the good stuff. As one of those snobs myself, and past beverage department head in an extremely elite private club for the rich and famous in the tropics, I can definitely lead you to the right cork to pop. So get out your corkscrew and call your loan officer,these will be sure to dazzle your peers.The following are definitely the tope ten wines I go to in a variety of circumstances.i constructed this top ten wine list with the common Joe in mind, making each potential bottle of wine easily obtainable in most local wine shops,nothing rare about anything here.

Criteria for becoming one of the top ten fine wines

To make the ranks on the top ten wines,here is the criteria that (for a majority) must be met:

-Be a wine or champagne with high social stigma or renound for quality.

-Be truly accepted as better than average quality by all.

-Not be a wine that is typically corked for just any regular occasion.

-Be easily available to anyone with the money to purchase,availability .

The top five wines (and champagne)

In no specific order...

- Cristal Champagne- the notoriety from rap videos alone makes this top dollar bubbly well known,a definite status symbol on your table.

-Dom Perignon - it is held with the same regards as Cristal, a true classic.

-Opus one by Robert Mondavi - at around $100.00 per bottle this is probably the best bargain in fine wines available. This is one very tasty red for the true consumer .

-Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin- is known to be a value in high end champagne , one of the most tasty for sure, the mimosa king!

-Perrier Joiette Floral- another great classic, but at its price grab some Cristal or Dom P.

the above is your top tier,sure to please,go to selections. Hands down! None will completely break the bank,and are readily available ,but always will turn heads when corked.

Have you tried at least two of the brands listed above?

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