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Torani Peppermint Syrup

Updated on January 1, 2012

Torani Peppermint Syrup is great for making Peppermint flavoured Lattes and other coffee beverages. Just a single ounce can drastically change an 8 oz. latte or cup of coffee.

Pumps can be added to the bottle of Torani Peppermint that will make measuring your daily intake convenient and simple. Pumps dispense 1/4 ounce per squirt, allowing you to consistently make your drink as strong or as mild as you would like.

Generally, the peppermint syrup will supply 5g of carbs per squirt, or 20g per ounce. This is important to keep in mind for those following a diet, weight watchers or with insulin sensitivity (diabetics).

Peppermint Flavoured Martini

Torani Peppermint Syrup also makes delicious flavoured Martinis, perfect for holiday-themed drinks for you and your guests. Peppermint is universally associated with the holidays - candy canes, mints and other deserts.


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