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Toronto's Beaches Neighborhood Boasts Several Gluten Free Bakeries

Updated on March 28, 2012
Gluten free cupcakes can be found in bakeries in Toronto's Beaches neighborhood
Gluten free cupcakes can be found in bakeries in Toronto's Beaches neighborhood

If you live a gluten free life, you know what an enormous task it is to find great tasting food to meet dietary restrictions, especially baked goods. Many celiacs and those with other auto immune diseases like Hashimoto’s or those with gluten intolerance have gotten used to so-so treats and often comment,”Well, that was pretty good…for gluten free.” Translation in the real world: it was pretty awful.

Those living a gluten free life will be happy to know that the bakery standards are quite high in Toronto’s Beaches neighborhood. Four incredible sit-down bakeries, three within walking distance of each other, and all with street parking, offer gluten free treats so good patrons won’t even realize how healthy they are eating. And all offer a selection of beverages to accompany your gluten free indulgences so you can sit back and relax.

Tori’s Bakeshop – 2188 Queen Street East

Leading the pack is newcomer Tori’s Bakeshop, having opened in March, 2012. Even before you delve into the gluten free delights, your senses are captured by the adorable, quaint décor – lights made of industrial whisks and Mason jar chandeliers, comfy seating nooks and an old fashioned counter area. The friendly staff wear adorable uniforms topped off with green bow ties. The eco-friendly shop uses all-natural organic ingredients offering dairy-free, egg-free and casein-free and refined sugar-free treats throughout its selections. Although not an entirely gluten free establishment, the products are made using separate trays, utensils, pans and sinks and treats are separated responsibly in the counter area. Also helpful for those who must keep a careful eye on what goes into their mouths are cards with clearly listed ingredients beside all baked goods. Top faves include vanilla glazed donuts, mini butter tarts, banana bread and the cheddar & “cheese” biscuit.

Yoshi's Sweets offers a great selection of gluten free breads
Yoshi's Sweets offers a great selection of gluten free breads

Yoshi’s Sweets – 2359 Queen Street East

Yoshi’s Sweets offers many tasty gluten free baked treats but is quickly becoming known for its wonderful breads. Realizing there is more to life than rice flour, the bakery began experimenting with bean flours and its Romano Bean Bread loaf soon became a popular seller. There are several loaf flavors including White Bean with Millet Seed, Wine Bread and Breakfast Bread in the shop and the breads are now available in over fifty locations throughout Ontario and Quebec. New on the product list are gluten, egg, dairy and corn free wraps made with bean flour mix and millet flour. The bakery can also custom make gluten free pies and cakes, taking orders around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. The lemon square is a top seller but the apple fritters cooked outside in the warmer months are quickly becoming legendary. Made from organic apples and dipped in a light gluten free batter, it is worth arriving on an empty stomach in order to fill up on this delectable treat. Make sure to call ahead to see when the fritters are offered to avoid disappointment! Yoshi’s Sweets adheres to strict gluten free measurements and its testing protocol and methods can be found on its website.

Dufflet - 1917 Queen Street East

Dufflet has been a Toronto baking institution since 1982 with its treats now available in over 500 establishments from restaurants and hotels to upscale markets. The Beaches location opened several years ago and has become quite popular for its vast selection of cakes and treats that cater to many food intolerances. Its hip 24 seat café offers a light lunch menu and holds a liquor license and the cozy sitting area is available to rent for intimate gatherings. Several selections are available gluten free (though many need to be pre-ordered) including cakes, meringues, mini desserts and macaroons. The Chocolate Mousse Cake is a popular selection and the Toasted Almond Meringue is quite delectable. A gluten, dairy and nut free version of Dufflet’s popular Carrot Cake is available and is just as tasty as the original. Depending on the size of crowd you are serving, cakes can usually be ordered in 2 size ranges – six or 10 inch. Instead of buying just one flavor, consider serving a platter of several “Minis” like Baby Truffle Cake, Chocolate Raspberry Mousse or Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate among others. Make sure to visit the Dufflet website to truly discover what the bakery has to offer – and to place an order for a special gluten free occasion. Dufflet’s products are manufactured in a plant which does use wheat and flour and suggests one check its readily available “Allergen List” for further information.

DVine Gelato Lounge and Coffee Bar - 2142 Queen Street East

DVine Gelato Lounge and Coffee Bar offers a vast organic, vegan and gluten free selection. Some popular gluten free baked goods include the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, mini carrot cake, krinkle cookies and white chocolate cranberry cookies. There are always several gluten free options available and one can easily mix and match leaving with a box of assorted treats. Several sandwich selections are also available with gluten free bread. Cakes can be custom ordered offering gluten, peanut, sugar and dairy free options. An ingredient list is available should you need information regarding a particular product. The café is a popular spot and provides a large space inside to gather for conversation, reading or do some work with the free WIFI available. The gelato bar definitely broadens the selection.

The best part of hitting the gluten free bakeries in Toronto’s Beaches? The short walk to the beautiful boardwalk area where you can set up a picnic in the sand and enjoy your treats!

Gluten Free Bakery Locations in The Beaches

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A marker2188 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada -
2188 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1E6, Canada
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Tori's Bakeshop

B marker2359 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada -
2359 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1H2, Canada
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Yoshi's Sweets

C marker1917 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada -
1917 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, Canada
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Dufflet Beach

D marker2142 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada -
2142 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1E3, Canada
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DVine Gelato Lounge and Coffee Bar


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