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Easy To Cook Traditional Korean Food

Updated on November 6, 2016

We all know that Korea is known for KPOP and Korean dramas. But besides that, it is also known for its delicious and attractive looking foods that people around the world are craving for. Korean cuisine is based on rice (their staple food), meats,and vegetables (mostly served uncook, which makes it more nutritious). The Korean cuisine is also popular on its many side dishes prepared on the table, together with the main dish. So, to be more familiar with the popular foods from Korea, I listed below some of the Korean foods that you should try.

Sundubu Jiggae or Soft Tofu Stew

It looks delicious!
It looks delicious! | Source

Sundubu jiggae is a korean jiggae or stew that made with dubu(tofu), mushrooms or onions, seafoods (you can choose from clamps, mussels, oysters and shrimps),meat (you can choose from beef or pork),and gochujang(chili paste) or gochu garu (chili powder).When cooking this, the tofu should be the star ingredients. The meat in the recipe should be just small amount which is very typical to Korean foods which make their foods very healthy.This popular Korean food is good for everyone form young ones to old ones. You can control the way how hot it is which is a good thing if your family does't want a super hot dish. Koreans usually eat this with rice.

Tteokbokki or Rice Cake Street Food

Delicious looking!
Delicious looking!

Tteokbokki or Ddukbokkie is the most popular sweet and spicy street food in Korea. Because of its popularity many people made a different kinds of recipes for this particular snack. It is made with soft rice cake, sweet cake, and sweet red chili sauce. Sometimes it is added with boiled eggs which is an addition to the flavor. This snack is always featured on some of the drama series in South Korea. Maybe some of you know this because of the Korean dramas.

Bulgogi or Marinated Beef BBQ


Bulgogi is a popular meat dish that usually consist of thin grilled marinated meat. The bulgogi means fire meat in Korea. It is made with thin slices of prime cuts of beef. To get the best flabor and tenderness of the meat, you must marinate it overnight. Bulgogi is usually served at a barbecue korean restaurants with side dishes.

Yangnyeom Tongdak or Seasoned Fried Chicken


Who doesn't know friend chicken? Fried chicken is very familiar on a family dining table, as well as fast food chains like KFC, Mcdonalds etc. However, Korean people's friend chicken is very different form the usual fried chicken you know. The Korean fried chicken also known as Yangnyeom Tongdak is seasoned with salt, spicy, and sugar before and after being fried. After frying, they coat it with sauce Korean restaurants fried chickens are very tender because they usually use medium or small chickens. Korean restaurants served this on the table with soju or beer and pickled radish.

Korean Ox Bone Soup


Seolleongtang is a Korean tang (soup) made from ox bones, brisket, and other cuts. Just like other soups, it is also prepared by boiling the ox bones in a long hours to graduallyextract the calcium and flavor of the bones. Usually the seasonings is done at the table to allow the customers to choose what's best for their taste. It is serve with rice and several korean side dishes.

Mul Naengmyeon


We all know that noodles are served in a hot pot but not this one. This Korean noodle dish made with a long and thin handmade noodle is serve with a cold noodle soup In addition to the ingredients are meat either beef, chicken or dongchimi (a kind of kimchi consists of radish, scallions, fermented green chili, ginger, korean pear, and watery brine).

Kimchi Bokkeumbap or Kimchi Fried Rice


Kimchi Bokkeumbap is popular for students in Korea who are living with their own because it is cheap and easy to make food. This dish is hot and spicy and usually served with danmuji and a small bowl of hot soup. Th epopularity of this fried rice reflected the Korean pop culture. Two of the songs in Korea (wishes by Byeon Jin-sub and I Need A Girl by Taeyang) mentioned that an ideal girl should know how to cook Kimchi Bokkeumbap.

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    • Linnea Lewis profile image

      Linnea Lewis 

      3 years ago from South Carolina, USA

      I really like reading about Korean food, I haven't tried any myself because there aren't any restaurants or stores where I live to make them. They all look tasty though, great hub!


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