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Tasty Treats On The Go With Frozen Dessert Carts

Updated on May 26, 2010

Ice Cream Cart

Frozen Dessert Carts

In the food and beverage industry, mobile carts provide a unique advantage over the competition in numerous outdoor venues. Being able to place a food or beverage cart in the high traffic areas for guests, tourists or customers makes it possible for many food vendors to increase their profits significantly. Some of the most successful mobile food vendors have frozen dessert carts. On a hot summer day, it’s hard for anyone to pass by the opportunity to indulge in an icy treat like a Popsicle, ice cream cone or frozen yogurt offered at a frozen dessert cart. These vendors benefit from major sales increases during warmer months that are enhanced by a convenient placement out in the open.

Frozen dessert carts are most often found outdoors, but they can also be found in shopping malls and other indoor venues. Public parks, street corners, sporting events and amusement parks are all typical locations for a frozen dessert cart. These units are equipped with special freezing units which allow their products to stay completely frozen and totally refreshing, even on the hottest summer days. Customers are enticed by the cart’s convenient location right on their path, which is perfect for treats like an ice cream cone or Popsicle which can be enjoyed as the customer strolls through the park.

Even though there are a lot of frozen dessert carts that are operated as smaller stores of a larger food chain or food provider, you can also find many cart operators who invest in these units as a means of starting their own small business. In fact, many of these individuals also invest in other types of carts such as beverage carts, draft beer carts and smoothie carts. Whether they are selling ice cold bottled water, lemonade, iced fruit drinks or blended drinks, these carts can be a huge money-maker for people who are interested in running their own business on their own time. Overall, frozen dessert carts remain as one of the most popular and successful types of mobile food and beverage units.


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