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Tree tomato bear fruits all year round.

Updated on August 12, 2016

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Market for tree tomato is huge as few farmers are in it.

Market for tree tomato is huge. It is classified as a fruit rather than a vegetable. There are many varieties including red giant and rab red giant. Seeds are first grown in a nursery; germinate after two weeks, put in polythene bags where they grow for three weeks before being planted in soil with Fertilizer and adequate amount of water. The first fruit matures after two years. This period can be reduced to nine months if grafting with indigenous tree tomato variety is done, preferably as advised by a horticultural expert. A farmer can sell their tree tomato fruit, or make juice, or jam from the fruit. To make jam, first boil the fruit before peeling. Use a blender to extract the paste which is then be boiled to dispel excess water before adding sugar and stevia to the paste.

Income generating opportunities for a tree tomato farmer.

The following are options of income generation at the disposal of a tree tomato farmer.

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