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Tripas: A Simple and Delicious Recipe

Updated on November 13, 2011

Breakfast tacos come in all sizes, styles, and flavors. They come served on flour, corn, and even whole wheat tortillas.

The sky is the limit when in comes to ingredients. Living in South-Central Texas, I've seen (and sampled) just about every imaginable kind and combination.

One of my favorite is Tripas. It was not until recently that I tried making my own. A good friend showed me a simple way of making them. I tried it, and I was amazed.

Amazed at how easy it was and the result... well, you'll just have to try if for yourself. Nothing beats kitchen fresh tripas hot off the frying pan.

Let's get started!

Tripas: for this article, I'm using 2.5 lbs. (~1100grams)

Locating tripas: Ideally you will want to get them fresh from your local butcher shop. It is important to tell the butcher what you will be preparing so he/she can clean and cut them to acceptable lengths for you. Here in south-Central Texas they are readily available the local meat market and just about all local grocers have them packaged and ready to go.

Final Rinse before cooking: Using a collander, a 5-quart size works well, rinse the tripas very well with warm water. Run water through the inside until it runs clear. To make things easy, you may elect to cut the tripas into smaller links. Using a scissor, I cut mine into 18 inch sections. It makes for easier cleaning and handling during cooking.

Cooking: Transfer the tripas into a 12-14" frying pan. Don't add water, the tripas will make their own. Heat on medium-high until tripas just start to boil.

Starting to boil now. Maintain this level of boil for about an hour. You'll notice when they about done as the liquid will finally cook-off leaving only the grease behind.

Liquid is just about gone now. Keep going. Won't be much longer now. Stir occasionally.

Judgement time. Some folks like them soft, semi-crisp, or crispy... These are just entering the semi-crisp level. I let these go a bit longer to the crispy level.

Heat up some tortillas, add your favorite salsa, and enjoy one of the best tacos around.

Turn off heat and carefully remove tripas from frying pan. Place them on a plate with paper towels to absorb the remaining grease. Slice/tear them into whatever size suites your taste buds.


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