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Trout Fishing - For Both Sport and Food

Updated on February 6, 2012

Trout fishing for fun and food

How we started with trout

A few years ago, while visiting an Aunt and Uncle, we began fishing for trout, and have been doing it ever since. As we are able, we have a favorite place to go fishing, called Rock Bridge, and it is a nice place, far from any big city. Its a rainbow trout ranch. Whenever we go to Rock Bridge, we see some that are fly fishing in their waders. I love to watch this. We always just bring our regular fishing rods and we always catch as many as we are able to afford. We have to always make ourselves stop, or else it gets expensive! In our family, we have enjoyed having trout in the past, but not like we have it now. Its opened up a whole new world.

We got our licenses, and began fishing there, and it is just such a beautiful place you can't believe it. We have gone back every year, at least once. After catching our rainbow trout, we get them cleaned, and frozen right away. In the next months to come, we take some out of the freezer, as needed, and make many meals out of it. Its really a neat and satisfying feeling to catch and eat your own food. Fishing, is so rewarding, and trout fishing is no exception.

We also have gone deep sea fishing before, a few years back, while on a trip to California to visit our family out there. That was its own whole neat adventure! We were novices then, and caught a limited amount, but the experience was still amazing.

With fish being so good for you, why don't we all eat more fish? I wanted to learn more about how trout benefits our health and incorporating it into our diets more.

Rainbow trout is fairly popular in Western Cuisine. You can catch it both wild, and where it is farmed. It is very tender meat, and has a mild taste, maybe even a little nutty. Some people find that depending on what certain trout eat, and where they are caught, they may or may not like certain trout as much as others. For instance if a trout has a diet of crayfish, flies, freshwater shrimp, and scuds, this trout will be more appealing in taste than those that don't have eat those things.

When trout are given a diet that is supplemented with astaxanthin, then its meat can be a more red or dark orange in color. The only other reason would be that it is an anadroumous steelhead trout. If a more red trout, you will often see the word red in the name of the particular kind of trout when buying it.

Trout and your health

Eating trout, can result in you getting your Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Omega 3 is quickly absorbed by our bodies, and incorporated into cell membranes. They help visual function, neurodevelopment and function, and even help with abnormal heart rhythms. There isn't any other fatty acid that we know of that can all that Omega 3 Fatty acids can. So just another reason to have trout and enjoy it. There are other fish on the list, like tuna, salmon, sardines, Atlantic Mackerel, and herring, that also have Omega 3 fatty acids that our bodies can absorb and utilize.

Cooking Trout

Our favorite way to eat the trout we have caught, is to broil it, or saute it in a pan with olive oil and many seasonings. We love to have lemons or limes on hand to squeeze over the top of the fish. We cook it with the skin on, but don't eat the skin. On the side, we often have a yellow rice, and asparagus that really rounds out the meal. This is just one of many ways to eat trout. Its a wonderful and healthy ingredient.

Tips for Trout Fishing even in late Summer

Rock Bridge, Missouri

A markerRock Bridge, Missouri -
Rock Bridge, MO, USA
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Trout Fishing Tips - Some great size trout caught


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