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Truffled Popcorn: Your New Favorite Garnish

Updated on July 14, 2014

Remember when gourmet popcorn easily ranked among the hottest snack foods of 2013? It’s been a year, I know, but I’m pretty sure it's too yum to lose that spot. And nope, I’m not talking about that bright orange thingamajig that comes in tins during the holidays, or the red-and-white paper bags with the synthetic butter you get at the movies. I’m talking about the fancy ones, flavored with everything from wasabi to my forever favorite, black truffles.

Truffle Basics

Let's back up a bit: what do we know about truffles?

  • They are one of the most expensive food items on the face of the planet.
  • They're highly seasonal and a bit challenging to grow; hence, the expensive price tag.
  • Black truffles, in particular, are dubbed "The Queen of Truffles" and are highly sought after for their chocolatey earth taste and aroma.

Now take a moment to imagine tasting that on your popcorn. Done? Cool. Now imagine having truffled popcorn on all the savory dishes you can think of. Can't stop imagining, can ya?

Truffles have always proven to make everything better. What are some of them, you ask? Check out the nifty infographic below!

Popcorn Dishes

I'm not expecting anyone to be as thrilled about popcorn taking off as I am, but let me share with you my excitement (or else I will explode!) in the form of a wee thought: there’s so much creativity and ingenuity going on right now with this awfully versatile treat. From hors d’oeuvres to delectable dishes, all the way down to desserts, everything’s a fair game! Cooks of all levels from different stretches of the globe are perpetually hard at work in their kitchens, thinking of ways to incorporate popcorn into new and inventive dishes.


From being everyone's go-to snack, to being a garnish that turns dishes into eye-catching masterpieces, popcorn sure has a knack for evoking curiosity over what would otherwise simply be boring plates of fancy meals.

I mean: How does one not want to try Wisconsin beer cheese soup with popcorn garnish after reading that from some menu? Will you say no to chocolate, layered with salted popcorn and garnished with ice cream? Who can pass up linear foie gras with black fig ice wine vinegar, caramelised popcorn tuple, popcorn shoots, and figs?

Got answers to any of these? Cos I sure don't!


Another option:

Truffled Popcorn on Your Plate; Party in Your Mouth

So now you know the basics of truffles and the wonders popcorn brings into practically any dish. What's stopping you from cooking up a simple meal topped with truffled popcorn garnish? If you haven't had this majestic combo yet, I suggest you start with this:

  • Prepare your favorite hearty soup. No need for complicated recipes; just use the one you usually cook when warming up for chilly days.
  • Finish it by topping it with truffled popcorn. Make sure that you go for the ones with generous sprinklings of real truffles; they guarantee an earthy aroma, texture, and taste!
  • Get the party in your mouth started.

Popcorn may always be the oh-so-familiar movie theater treat to some, but gourmet popcorn -- specifically the truffled popcorn, is just as fun. They may not be as cheap, but the guarantee of getting an authentic truffle experience sure is worth every penny! Start with something as quick and easy to prepare as truffled popcorn-garnished soup, and you still end up with a dish that's fit for a king.

Sound divine, yeah? Now go hit the kitchen and get cooking!


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    • Rae Saylor profile imageAUTHOR

      Rae Saylor 

      4 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for reading, pal :)

    • Eiddwen profile image


      4 years ago from Wales

      Mmm looks and sounds delicious!! I shall certainly be trying this one out. Voted up also.



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