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Tuna Pasta Salad- My Very Own Recipe

Updated on November 2, 2013
Ingredients: from L to R: spinach pasta,celery, lite mayonnaise, horseradish mustard, white onion, albacore white tuna.
Ingredients: from L to R: spinach pasta,celery, lite mayonnaise, horseradish mustard, white onion, albacore white tuna. | Source
The final step- all the ingredients mixed together!
The final step- all the ingredients mixed together! | Source

Learning To Cook Has Become The Practical Thing To Do

All through my young years, Mom always encouraged me to watch her cook in the kitchen. Her mother encouraged my Mom to sit in the kitchen and watch her cook. I was stubborn, and somehow I went through a lot of years that I did not like to cook. Maybe my stubborn self did not enjoy the timeliness of it. (Of course, a young person always wants to do something else when the activity is a mother's idea).

My many years of being a wife, mother and living on my own has given me the experience in the kitchen. I have appreciated the skills Mom has taught me as I plan my meals and how to fix different kinds of dishes. With the price of everything going up, such as gas and food, and the high prices of food in carry out restaurants, the smartest thing to do is to prepare the food your self. I want to start sharing with you what I enjoy making for myself and family.

It is a summer holiday today, and this weekend I decided to make a salad- tuna and pasta. I had most of the ingredients already. I have now my first opportunity to write out my original recipe to you.



3 small cans, 5.5 ounces in each, white albacore tuna in water
1 13 ounce box of elbow macaroni noodles,or a variety to your choosing
2-3 celery sticks, finely chopped
1 medium size yellow onion, or a half of a large white onion
10 ounces of lite mayonnaise, or a mayonnaise variety of your choice
2 tablespoons of horseradish mustard (more or less to taste)

(You may substitute 1 teaspoon of horseradish sauce with 2 teaspoons of yellow or brown mustard)

2 teaspoons of garlic powder (more or less to taste)
1 or 2 sprinkles of black pepper to taste before serving

This recipe yields 6-8 servings.


As you are boiling the water to cook the noodles, take two sticks of celery (from celery stalk) and finely chop and put aside. As the noodles are cooking, take a medium yellow onion and peel it under very cold running water. This will help prevent your eyes from tearing up while you chop the onion. Finely chop the onion and put together with the celery. Placing the celery and the onion together helps bring their fragrances and tastes together.

Open the cans of white albacore tuna and drain the water, and place it in the bottom of the bowl you will mix all the ingredients together. Take a fork and mash the tuna to get rid of the clumps. When the noodles are tender and cooked, place them in the colander and rinse them in cold running water. This speeds up the preparation process, and the heat of the noodles will not interfere with the consistency of the ingredients of the dressing (lite mayonnaise and horseradish mustard). Set aside the noodles to let them to continue to cool.

On top of the mashed tuna in the big bowl you will mix the pasta in, Add the lite mayonnaise. I figured out the amount of the lite mayonnaise to be around 10 ounces because from the level of the 30 ounce jar, the amount I measured to be one-third of the jar. (This is done based on my experience of watching my mother never measuring her ingredients with a measuring cup or spoon.)

The next ingredient to add is one tablespoon of already prepared horseradish in mustard. (I bought this from the food market) If you can not find already prepared horseradish mustard, you can mix one teaspoon of plain horseradish with two teaspoons of brown or yellow mustard.

Mix all the wet ingredients together first, and add the garlic powder to taste. Then gradually add to the tuna and dressing mix the celery and onion stirring it together. After this is mixed together, then add the already cooled off elbow macaroni and stir it gradually in. The bowl size should be big enough to yield to the amount of the pasta you are mixing in with the rest of the ingredients.

Then, finally, the Tuna Macaroni Salad is ready to be chilled in the refrigerator for several hours. The longer the refrigeration, the better it will taste. When you are ready to serve sprinkle some black pepper on top. Enjoy this as a wonderful side dish!


Along with this wonderful tuna macaroni salad I have made, It will be served with Oven Fried Chicken Drumsticks with Italian Breaded Seasoning, silver queen white corn on the cob, sliced cucumber/tomato salad, and assorted breads or rolls of choice. The best dessert on this very humid hot day will be fresh fruit such as watermelon.

BON APETIT! ENJOY Your Day With Family and Friends.

Be safe and stay comfortable.


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    • BakerRambles profile image


      7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      I enjoyed reading this recipe, and I will surely try to us this during one of my next big meals. Glad were marylanders and it's good to meet you as well. I run an online magazine if your interested in joining that as well, just message me

    • breakfastpop profile image


      7 years ago

      I will try this one, in fact I think I'll try it tonight.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      I am trying to shaed a few pounds (Trying being the word !!)

      Anyway I am sure that this recipe will come in very handy,I'll let you know how I get on.

      Take care


    • slmorgan profile image


      7 years ago from San Francisco

      Yum...This recipe sounds great. I will try it today with food from the grill. Thanks!

    • Bill Yovino profile image

      Bill Yovino 

      7 years ago

      I enjoyed something similar as a kid, but without the horseradish. That sounds like a great enhancement.


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