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Turning Leaf Wine: Outstanding Flavor and Popular Pricing

Updated on December 28, 2010

Are you looking for a perfect bottle of wine for yourself or to give as a gift? Whether you are reviewing a wine list in your favorite restaurant or if you’re shopping for a bottle of wine, you can’t go wrong when you choose Turning Leaf wines, products of Turning Leaf Vineyards in Modesto, California. 

About Turning Leaf Wine

Turning Leaf wines are made for those who have a true appreciation for quality wine but who are also value minded. The Turning Leaf name is widely recognized for providing wine drinkers with the unique combination of high quality and popular pricing.

The Turning Leaf brand is also synonymous with quality within the wine industry and has been recognized with hundreds of awards – more than 500, as a matter of fact.

A few of the many awards that Turning Leaf wines have received include:

  • The 2008 Turning Leaf Chardonnay received the Double Gold Award at the 2010 Jerry Mead's New World International Wine Competition
  • The 2008 Turning Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon received the Double Gold Award atthe2010 Florida State Fair
  • The 2008 Turning Leaf White Zinfandel received the Double Gold award at the 2010 Pacific Rim Wine Competition
  • The 2008 Turning Leaf Merlot received the Gold award at the2010 San Francisco International Wine Competition

Where to Find Turning Leaf Wines

Turning Leaf wines are not hard to find. Turning Leaf wines are created for those who really enjoy wine, so it only makes sense that it’s easy to find them. You won’t have to go on a quest to find a good vintage of the varietal you like when you opt for the Turning Leaf label.

You can find an excellent selection of Turning Leaf varietals on the menus of your favorite restaurants as well as on the shelves of wine stores and supermarkets. Whether you order a glass of Turning Leaf wine to enjoy in your favorite restaurant or purchase a bottle of your favorite varietal, you’ll be as impressed by the flavor as you are pleased with the price point.

Turning Leaf Varietals

No matter what type of wine you enjoy, chances are that there is a Turning Leaf varietal that will quickly rise to the top of your list of favorites. Examples of available Turning Leaf wine selections include:

  • Chardonnay
  •  Pinot Grigio
  •  Riesling
  • Merlot
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  •  Pinot Noir
  •  White Zinfandel
  •  Cabernet Sauvignon

Turning Leaf: The Perfect Wine for Every Occasion

Whether you are looking for the perfect glass of mind to enjoy with your evening meal or while unwinding for the evening or if you are in search of a wine selection to serve at a wedding reception, business dinner or other special occasion, you simply cannot go wrong with selections from Modesto, California’s Turning Leaf vineyards.


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