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Types Of Coffee

Updated on June 22, 2011

Types Of Coffee

There are many different types and blends of coffee. Here the coffee made from ground beans is given first, then other types such as instant and coffee essence.

Coffees are sold as either blends or are made from just one type of bean. The differences between the beans is confusing to most laymen and is rather the kind of thing only coffee importers are interested in. Here you will find the main types of coffee and a rough guide to their flavor which wil help you to choose.

Santos coffees are the finest coffees that Brazil can offer. Bourbon Santos is the best of these. In general, Brazilian coffees tend to be rather ordinary, so if you are going to buy Brazilian, the Bourbon Santos is the one to go for.

Colombian Coffees are, of course, grown in Colombia. Their flavor is strong and rich but slightly bitter.

Costa Rican Coffees are very popular in Europe. They have a nutty flavor and are very popular as breakfast coffee.

Jamaican Coffees are all rather bitter with the exception of the famous Blue Mountain coffee. This coffee is mellow, sweet-tasting and aromatic. It is also rather expensive.

Mocha is a fruity coffee from Ethiopia and Arabia. It has a rather pungent taste and its flavor is one that people acquire rather than like instantly.

Mysore Coffee comes from Southern India. It has a smooth flavor and is popular as an after dinner coffee.

African Blend is a very strong coffee, just the thing for a hangover! It can be very bitter.

Continental Coffee is coffee which has been roasted to a very high degree. It is very bitter in flavor.

Viennese Coffee is blended coffee which is mixed with fig seeds or chicory. The taste is sweet and heavy.

Kenyan Coffee is one of the more expensive coffees. It has the true coffee aroma and a rich taste. It is excellent for after dinner.

Tanzanian Coffee comes from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. It has a rich flavor, is extremely expensive and is considered by many experts to be the finest coffee in the world.

French Blend is a continental blend coffee containing a high proportion of chicory. This makes it slightly less expensive than some other coffees but it is very bitter.

Other Coffees

Coffee made from freshly ground beans is, of course, the very best but coffee is sold in several other forms which although not as fine in flavor provide an acceptable brew.

Instant Coffee is the invention that turned coffee into a quick drink, rather than something which had to be carefully made. Instant coffee may be divided into 2 types, powdered and freeze-dried.

Powdered coffee is made when ground coffee is soaked and the results dehydrated and powdered into soluble form. It produces a fairly weak brew lacking in coffee aroma.

Powdered coffees are available with chicory added to make them cheaper. Chicory is a vegetable which also known as endive. When dried and powdered, the roots taste like coffee.

Freeze dried coffee is percolated coffee which has been frozen and then dehydrated by air pressure. It is rather nearer to ‘real’ coffee than the powdered instant type and is more expensive.

Coffee Bags are small, perforated bags which contain very finely powdered ground coffee. The results are nearer to ground coffee than instant type and is more expensive.

Rombouts are individual coffee filters. The filters on top of the cup. Boiling water is poured on and it drips through the ground coffee contained inside the filter. This is rather an expensive way to make real coffee, but it is good if you are alone and wand only one cup.

Decaffeinated Coffee is instant coffee which has had the caffeine removed. Caffeine is element in coffee which keeps some people awake. The flavor is much the same as that of instant coffee.

Coffee Essence is a thick syrup which is made from a small amount of coffee plus chicory, caramel and other flavorings. At one time it was the only instant form of coffee available. Today it is hardly ever used for making coffee, but is very useful as a cake flavoring.

Coffee Substitutes also include instant coffee which are half substitute, half coffee. Coffee substitutes are mostly made from chicory. As instant coffee, these substitutes are acceptable but they do not have the full flavor and aroma of ground coffee.

Dandelion Coffee is beloved by health food fans. Dandelions contain a very large amount of caffeine. The roots of the dandelion are ground down and this makes a coffee-flavor drink.


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