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Types Of Coffee Drink

Updated on December 23, 2011

Coffee beans are brewed to produce various types of coffee beverages which are strong energized drinks popular among the masses. In fact it is the third most popular drink consumed around the world.

Coffee has a stimulating and energizing effect on human body because of which it is very popular as a morning starter and mostly is consumed during breakfasts along with some other snacks. Coffee can only have a positive effect if taken in small doses; too much coffee can be dangerous for health

Mostly coffee is sold in instant powder forms in the market but it may also be sold in the form of roasted beans. This powdered coffee or beans of coffee can be used to make different varieties of coffee beverages. They can simply be put in boiled water or milk and can be made into various varieties. Some common types of coffee beverages are mentioned below:



Espresso is a very popular coffee drink produced in a special espresso machine in which dark aromatic, roasted coffee beans or powdered coffee is mixed with extremely hot water under high pressure. The liquid that is extracted as resulted is dark and has a thick goldenish froth on the top.

Espresso has a strong taste and is preferred by most without any addition, but those who like it sweet, add sugar for their taste. A true espresso can be recognized by the thickness of its froth, the thicker the froth the better will the coffee be.

Many variations can also be made with espresso. Most people like it short i.e. they prefer less water and more beans, some like to add cream while some add steamed milk. The espresso in which milk is added is called espresso macchiato and the espresso in which whipped cream is added is called espresso con panna. Some people may also add a splash of cognac in their espresso to make it more effective.

Since espresso is a strong coffee, it is served in small cups, a little larger than the shot glasses.

Cappuccino | Source


Cappuccino is other very popular type of coffee which is derived from espresso. At least the original cappuccino is! Because most cafes use a wrong recipe for making it. The original cappuccino is made by combining equal parts of steamed milk, froth and espresso.

Cappuccino is a sweet, rich drink which can be taken as a dessert. Many people like to sprinkle cocoa over their cappuccino and grated chocolate is also a very famous topping for cappuccino.

Some people like their cappuccino strong and with less milk while others like more milk in their drinks. In summers iced cappuccino is an ideal drink as it is rich and chilling but original cappuccino is taken warm and in porcelain cups

Americano | Source


Americano is yet another very famous coffee drink derived from espresso; in fact it is simply made by adding hot water to an already made espresso. It is basically a single shot of espresso combined with hot water.

Americano is a strong coffee and people prefer it with less milk; however some do like to add more milk and sugar into it. Apart from milk and sugar there are no special types of topping for it.

Mocha | Source


Unlike the above mentioned coffee types mocha is not directly derived from espresso but is made from cappuccino or latte. Original mocha is any cappuccino or latte in which chocolate syrup is added.

There are many variations that can be made on mocha and different people like different styles of mocha. In my opinion the best form of mocha would be with a lot of chocolate syrup in it, with added sugar, froth and with grated chocolate on top. Some people also like to add whipped cream on top to make their coffee heavier. But mocha is not for those who prefer dark and strong coffee.

Caffe Latte or simply latte.
Caffe Latte or simply latte. | Source

Caffe Latte

Like the above mentioned types, latte is also derived from espresso. It is thick and rich coffee made by adding four parts of steamed milk into one part of espresso. In many parts of the world even more milk is added to give it a unique blend. Latte is not very strong but is robust and rich. With the addition of little sugar latte becomes an ideal beverage. Many cafes also put some foamed milk on top to make it richer.


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      Hamad Irfan 6 years ago from U.A.E

      Thanks for reading! :)

    • Dexter Yarbrough profile image

      Dexter Yarbrough 6 years ago from United States

      Since I am not a coffee drinker, you have thoroughly explained the types in this hub. I was always confused. Now I am better informed, Great hub!