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Types of Grills - Which Should You Choose?

Updated on June 11, 2010

Buying a Grill? Which Grill to Buy?

Grilling is yet another option for cooking. It's a really popular method when summer arrives. It saves the house from getting that much hotter, and it's nice to be outside. Plus, there's just something about cooking outside that appeals to most people.

But which grill to buy? Well, there are a few considerations and you should ask yourself some basic questions before you head out to buy your grill. Here is some help in deciding what type of grill to buy.

Types of Grills - Questions to Ask Before Buying a Grill

Do you have a location to grill outside? It's okay if you don't. There are still electric indoor grills that you can use. But if you have a location, consider its size. If it's tiny or hard to get to, don't go buy a massive grill that ends up parked in your driveway because that's the only place it will fit. (It happens.)

How often will you cook? For how many? The answers to these two questions will greatly reduce your grill buying options and help you decide. If you plan on grilling fairly often, don't buy a cheap grill that is only meant to last for a season. Spend the extra money on a better quality grill. Also, will you just be grilling for yourself and maybe one other person? Or do you plan on having lots of parties and inviting others over to sample your grilling expertise? The size of the grill will matter a lot depending on the answers.

Gas or Charcoal? Decide Before You Buy a Grill

Maybe the most important question of all- Do you prefer charcoal or gas grills? This is a tricky question actually. Lots of people will say they want a gas grill for the convenience. And then when they get it, they hate it because it doesn't provide the same flavor as a charcoal grill. Also vice versa, some buy a charcoal grill because it's cheaper. Then they never use it because of the idiosyncracies involved with charcoal grilling methods.

After answering the above questions, you can choose between the different types of grills. Basically, they fall into just a few choices. They are:

Types of Grills - Portable Charcoal Grills

Portable charcoal grills are the cheapest grills you can buy. They are perfect if you're on a tight budget. Also, if you want a grill that's easily portable, these are great. They pack up easily and can be taken along on at picnics, beaches, and tailgating parties. Keep in mind that they will only be able to cook a few foods at a time.

Types of Grills - Covered Charcoal Grills

Next, is the larger charcoal grill with a cover. It is the choice if you prefer charcoal, are going to use it fairly often, and need to feed more than a couple of people. You can use it any time of the year. The heat can be controlled by dampers in the base and lid, or by keeping it uncovered during cooking. It can be used to smoke or grill pretty much anything. It's a good idea to get a cover if it will be exposed to the elements. If you do this, it can last many years.

Types of BBQ Grills - Gas Grills

The last choice, and usually the most expensive, is a gas grill. Gas grills come in many different sizes and price ranges. Some have gotten very expensive, and are bigger and more complicated than the range in your kitchen. They don't use charcoal, but instead heat up lava rock or ceramic to provide heat. They are more convenient than charcoal grills. They have quick starts, more control over the heat source, provide even heat, and get less messy than charcoal grills. If you want more of a smoked taste, you can add wood chips.

How to Grill Chicken Video

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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      A great selection and everyone explained of the advantage and disadvantage. Thank you.


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