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UberEats Australia – Get it Fresh & On Your Doorstep

Updated on October 15, 2016

Well, something new has struck Australia HARD! Uber has the honor of becoming the first taxi-firm, providing its service all around the globe. Since its creation, Uber has expanded to over 70 countries, providing a chance to travelers to go wherever they want. After introducing the hi-end taxis in Australia, Uber has now launched a new service to facilitate its Australian customers –> the UberEats Australia. Hopefully, they set the pace for other similar services to come to life.

This convenient service provided by Uber allows people to order their food from their favorite Australian restaurants, with a simple click of a button! Sounds easy enough, right? By giving you a wide array of eateries to choose from, Uber has made sure that people can eat whatever they want, while staying back at home. At first, this service was restricted to Sydney and Melbourne, but recently; Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane have also joined the platform.

Uber has given you the opportunity to pay for your food through your Uber account, in order to save you the trouble of offering a tip to the driver. Users can also track their order until it reaches them. On top of everything else, with the Apple mobile application, you get the speedy delivery which Uber has always been famous for! It is amazing what our dollars can do for us.


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