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How To Make Ultimate Cheesy Potatoes - A Recipe for Very Easy and Very Cheesy Potatoes

Updated on December 3, 2019
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How to Make Ultimate Cheesy Potatoes - A Recipe for Very Easy and Very Cheesy Potatoes

HOW TO MAKE ULTIMATE CHEESY POTATOES - Recipe for cheesy potatoes. Do you love cheese like I love cheese?
HOW TO MAKE ULTIMATE CHEESY POTATOES - Recipe for cheesy potatoes. Do you love cheese like I love cheese? | Source

How To Make Ultimate Cheesy Potatoes - Recipe for ultimate potatoes that are very easy and very cheesy

HOW TO MAKE ULTIMATE CHEESY POTATOES - Very Easy and Very Cheesy Potatoes

Potatoes make for delicious, hearty and cheap eating. Here is how to make ultimate potatoes - a recipe for very easy and very cheesy potatoes. As the ingredients for this cheesy potato recipe, you will need shredded cheddar cheese that can readily be purchased at the grocery store already shredded and in a plastic package.

For this ultimate cheesy potatoes recipe, you will also need to use whole milk, butter, and cooked (boiled) potatoes. You can buy a large bag of raw russet potatoes or white potatoes for a very reasonable price at the supermarket and boil them in a big pot at home for this ultimate cheesy potatoes recipe.

  • The use of whole milk as opposed to reduced fat milk or nonfat milk will contribute to giving this ultimate cheesy potatoes dish a more wonderfully rich and creamy flavor.

Maximize delicious taste and flavor in cheesy potatoes

  • Additionally, in order to maximize delicious taste and flavor in this richly creamy and hearty cheesy potato dish, you will also want to make use of full cream butter as opposed to margarine or other butter substitute and whole fat fresh cheddar cheese as well.
  • While this is not the most low fat or low calorie potato dish, it certainly is decadent, a delicious and comforting food. Conveniently, this cheesy potato recipe is also indeed a very simple recipe.

What you will need for the ultimate cheesy potatoes dish

Whole milk, butter, shredded cheese and spices for preparing the ultimate cheesy potatoes dish
Whole milk, butter, shredded cheese and spices for preparing the ultimate cheesy potatoes dish
boiled potatoes
boiled potatoes

Making this ultimate cheesy potatoes dish is easy peasy.


Here are the steps for how to make this very easy and very cheesy potatoes recipe.

  1. In a large pot of boiling water, cook 8-10 potatoes until they are well boiled. (Now, of course you can use more or less potatoes if you would like to for this potato dish, depending on how many people you will be feeding and how large you want the servings to be. If you change the quantity of potatoes used, then you can also change your estimated measurements for the other ingredients (such as butter, milk, cheese, optional spices) accordingly.
  2. Then drain the boiling hot water from the pot, allow the potatoes to sit and cool, and then peel the potatoes and slice them in two. (Optionally, some might prefer to leave the skin on the potatoes instead of removing the potato skin.)
  3. After you have sliced the cooked and peeled potatoes in two, then arrange the potatoes in a foil lined pan that has been greased with cooking oil.
  4. Next, you can spread generous portions of butter (approximately two tablespoons, softened) and milk (approximately 1 cup) on top of the potatoes.

Then arrange your desired amount of generous portions of shredded cheese on top of the potatoes.

One great thing about potatoes is that they are so economical. Potatoes are very reasonably priced in most supermarkets

This is a dish that is very economical. Dishes with potatoes often are very economical indeed. These very easy and very cheesy potatoes are also very delicious. The cheesy potatoes comprise a warming comfort food that can be eaten at any time of the year of course, but the hot dish might be most enjoyed in winter weather when you want a really warming meal in your belly. The very easy and very cheesy potatoes is a dish that I like to cook quite often actually in both the summer and the winter, all of the seasons in fact.

  • This is a very filling meal and you can make the portions quite large depending on how much of the potato dish you and your guests would like to consume.
  • If you are feeling really hungry, then this very easy and very cheesy potatoes is a great meal for you. It will be sure to satisfy you. You can always add meat and vegetables to it or you can just eat it by itself.
  • Eating the hot cheesy potatoes by themselves is what I do most often. You will very much enjoy the texture and taste of these cheesy potatoes.

Step #6 would be to place the prepped cheesy potatoes in the oven at 350 degrees for half an hour. The cheese will melt and the potatoes will soften a little more. Then you can remove the cheesy potatoes from the oven. Allow the cheesy potatoes to cool enough for you to be able to eat them comfortably without burning your mouth. You know how hot potatoes can be sometimes! I like to cook this dish on special occasions and holidays such as Thanksgiving but I also like to cook these cheesy potatoes as meal on any ordinary day.

Optionally, you can sparingly sprinkle some seasonings such as garlic, oregano and/or crushed red pepper on the cheesy potatoes.

Very economical

This ultimate cheesy potato dish is great for cooking on a low budget. Ultimate cheesy potatoes make a delicious hot meal at a low cost.

Ultimate cheesy potatoes - food photos

So Delicious. Ultimate cheesy potatoes with melted cheese.
So Delicious. Ultimate cheesy potatoes with melted cheese.

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Starchy potatoes are satisfying and filling when you need some warm food in your belly. The addition of lots of melted cheese makes the potatoes richer and much more delicious.

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    • Journey * profile imageAUTHOR

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 

      18 months ago from USA

      Hi Peggy,

      I missed a lot of time on moderating your comment. Sorry about that but thanks so much for commenting on this cheesy potato recipe hub. I really appreciate your comment and I am glad that you like the recipe.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      2 years ago from Houston, Texas

      This recipe would be flavorful and filling but not for those on low carb diets. I have baked potatoes and then put butter, cheese and other toppings on them. I never thought of boiling them as you did. Thanks!


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