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Unforgettable Impression When enjoying Meals in Dark in Saigon

Updated on July 31, 2016

Nestled in an alley on Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1, Noir - Dining in the Dark gives me an unforgettable experience of a meal completely in the dark. You just need to relax, used to feel the taste of the food exquisite and the mind to float gently to the music.

The restaurant is no stranger darkness in many countries around the world but this new model from 2014 to Vietnam by Vu Anh Tu, who Hanoi with a Dutch partner founder. Entering the restaurant, the first impression of our décor is elegant, neat and tidy. To get used to not using visual and identifying objects, we were handed the ice sheet and puzzle blindfolded, as a way to "warm up" before entering the main game called "cuisine Asia".

Security-tuong-warehouse-familiar -ve Luxembourg-an-in-bong-toi-o-sai-gon
Get familiar with the identifying objects in the dark. Photo: Sea Thu.
All customers are required to take bags, personal items, phone or things that glow like clocks, lighters ... to secure lockers. Then we were led to a dark room with waiters are blind. We can not see anything and totally dependent on the direction of the employee. I confess I was a little apprehensive initially when entering the space itself can not initiate anything. We placed a hand on each other's shoulders, lined up and train your staff to be guided to a table reservation.

Security-tuong-warehouse-familiar -ve Luxembourg-an-in-bong-toi-o-sai-gon-1
Stacking the train into the dining room. Photo: Noir.
After their seats, we are introducing employee objects on the table. Each tray was brought out, the first of 4 appetizers, main courses and next to last 4 to 3 desserts. Regulation is to eat according to clockwise, starting from the top right dishes and ending with the top left dishes. Visual senses which are most dominant in all human activity, but when hidden, other senses will be enhanced. We enjoy each piece, arguing with each other about the foods, completely forgetting the shooting before meals, on the job or the worries chaos in life. We sat there, lost in the music, enjoy and feel each piece. Gradually, the smell became sharper and sharper taste and more subtle touch. With processing and particularly fussy, sometimes we can not distinguish between eating pork or lamb, beef or duck breast, cabbage or green papaya ... The food was an unexpected twist and always made us astonished until the last minute.

Security-tuong-warehouse-familiar -ve Luxembourg-an-in-bong-toi-o-sai-gon-2
Waiters in restaurants are blind. Photo: Noir.
The initial reticence worries completely disappeared. We relaxed talk in an atmosphere of openness and more excited. Termination of the dinner, the staff took us back to the waiting room and to view images and descriptions of the dishes we just enjoy. The most interesting thing is that we can compare his judgment with their answers and know how much true sense of them.

For us, the meals at Noir is a journey through the senses, giving comments in a whole new way. Above all, I recognized the efforts and tenacity of the blinds, they made us admire from the bottom of my heart. They are sincere, confident and polite, with a smile always on his lips. They do better than any employee we ever met. Experiencing this task that we understand more about the difficulties of the visually impaired, and to see better respect what is there.


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