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Unique Silicone Kitchen Gadgets from Fusion Brands

Updated on December 20, 2008

Looking for some cool new gadgets to add to your kitchen collection? If you're a cooking enthusiast, you're probably familiar with the benefits of cooking with silicone. Now, you can also enjoy using a variety of interesting silicone kitchen accessories from Fusion Brands.


Fusion's IceOrb is truly unique. It is a multitasking marvel that is the first of its kind. The Ice Orb is a vertical ice cube tray and bucket that stores ice while also making ice. The design is patented, and allows you to make 21 uniquely shaped cubes and store 30 ice cubes simultaneously. The gadget can be used as a wine or champagne chiller, and it is also a terrific tool for keeping cold foods cold at picnics and during parties.


Do you love poached eggs? Making them is easier now than ever before with the Poachpod from Fusion Brands. This cooking tool allows you to float eggs in boiling water so they poach perfectly every time. It's also safe for use in the microwave. The Poachpod is non-stick, making it easy to flip and push out the prepared eggs for serving. Because of its heat resistant properties, this unique pod is also a great tool for baking mini cakes or flan. You can also use it as a mold.


Protect your fingers from burning on hot pot handles with the Love Handle from Fusion Brands. The Lovehandle ensures a cool grip every time you reach for a handle while cooking. It fits many sizes and styles of pot and pan handles and can easily be snapped off and on. This versatile silicone kitchen grip has a built in utensil rest for added convenience.


Looking for a way to top off your prepared meals with a perfect drizzle of sauce? Try the Drizzlestick from Fusion brands. Simply dip the gadget into your favorite dressing or sauce, honey, melted butter, or melted chocolate and drizzle on your favorite dishes. You'll be able to top off your tasty desserts with drizzles of sweet sauce so they can be presented just as attractively as similar dishes in fine dining establishments.


You can cook with your hands when you use these unique and heat resistant silicone Fingertongs. You'll be able to safely flip foods with your hands. The tongs are designed to fit either the right or left hand. They protect both fingers and knuckles and reduce the possibility of splatter by allowing for controlled flipping. They're a great tool for flipping Panini sandwiches, boneless chicken breasts, burgers, and more. They're even great for stir frys and tossing salads.


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